Fresh from a successful show at the SXSW Music festival in Austin, TX, BugGiRL rolled through Houston on their current tour and Snappy found himself on stage, and backstage, with the band!

BugGiRL are Australian siblings Amber (vocals & guitar) and Clinno (drums) along with Austin’s own Heather Webb (bass), whom you may remember from a prior Adventures of Snappy post.

Playing loud and fast rock n’ roll, BugGiRL are a tight and impressive live band.  Here’s Snappy rocking out on stage with them:


BugGiRL have released two EP’s and two full-length albums (with a new record on the way!) not to mention appearances on multiple compilation albums.  A quick YouTube search will show you exactly what this band is all about; that good ol’ fashioned punk- and metal-tinged rock n’ roll!

Here’s Snappy hanging out with the band after the show:


BugGiRL virtually never stops touring; be sure to catch them live when they come to your town!

If you have an event in the Houston or Austin area that you would like for Snappy to attend, please get in touch with us by emailing ATTN: Blog.

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    1. Snappy does like to get out and about as much as possible.. and what blue gator could resist offers to get up on stage with so many great bands?

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