Test: Does Google really only crawl the first instance of a URL on a page?

It’s generally accepted that Google only crawls the first instance of a URL on a page, so many people say it’s pointless from an SEO standpoint to link to a page multiple times. On the flip side, many SEO’s say to make sure your internal anchor text is consistent.

What I’d Like To Test
  • Will linking to the same internal page twice with two different anchor texts pass relevancy for both phrases?
  • Is it the same for external links?
The Method
Put 2 links in the blog footer linking to a newly created page (not post, otherwise it’ll show up in the feed) that’s not optimized for anything specific. Use two different random anchor texts and once the page is indexed, run a site: operator to see what Google sees as being the strongest page for both anchor texts. If the same page shows up for two different anchor texts, Google must at least pass both relevant anchor texts.