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As a business owner you know you need to be on social media. However, this pressure often creates a problem when you don’t have a workable social strategy in place.

Below we showcase seven different social media mistakes a lot of business owners make when trying to expand their online presence.

1. Trying To Be In Too Many Places At Once

Building a single social media profile takes a lot of time and energy. If you’re spreading yourself too thin by trying to be in too many places at once, the audiences and engagement you’re trying to cultivate will suffer.

Start small and only jump to another network once you feel comfortable with the size and engagement with your current audience. That’s why it’s important to start on the social media network that has a higher-proportion of your target marketing hanging out.

2. Not Creating Separate Profiles For Your Business

This is usually only a problem for Facebook. But, if you’re adding customers to your personal Facebook page it can look weird and won’t allow you to keep any separation between your business and your personal life.

Even if you’re a solopreneur it can be advantageous to create a separate page that’s specifically dedicated to your business. This will allow you to have a purely business-minded conversation with your followers, and implement more marketing-oriented strategies, like paid posts and ads, to grow your account.

3. Failing To Respond To Messages

The more social media profiles you have the more places you’re going to have to check for customer messages. Some platforms will enable you to forward your messages to your email, which will help you keep track of all your messages.

Failing to respond to messages in a timely manner will only lead to customer dissatisfaction.

4. Promoting Yourself Too Often

Social media is all about conversation. If you’re spending too much time promoting your own offerings and not sharing the wealth by highlighting other people, you’re going to turn people off.

No one likes the person who only talks about themselves.

5. Not Promoting Yourself Enough

However, it’s also important to promote your own offers on occasion. If you’re only sharing other people’s content, but never drop a line about your own work, then people will begin to look elsewhere.

It’s important to strike the delicate balance between sharing other people’s content, engaging with your followers, and promoting your own stuff.

6. Boring Your Audience With Your Updates

Do you post the same status updates every single day?

If so, your audience might be tuning out your posts. Experiment with sharing different content types and styles of updates. If you use a social media analytics tool like Buffer, you can analyze your social media data to find the style of content your audience loves the most.

7. Not Reading Through Content Before You Share It

When you’re sharing relevant and useful content with your audience make sure you actually read it first. Since part of your reputation will be based upon curating high-quality information you’d hate to share a post that diminishes this.

Make sure you read through all of the content you’re recommending to your audience before you click the share button.

Growing your audience on social media is another long-term strategy. But, when done effectively it’s time well spent. By avoiding the mistakes above you’ll set yourself up for a successful future across social media.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.

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