Born to Be a Blogger

Ace the SAT writing section? Desire to work from home someday? Always look at the world wondering, hmm, could we do that one thing better?

If this sounds like you, these may be signs you were born to be a blogger.

Stop ignoring the signs and embrace your calling!

In this post I’ll reveal five common examples from the real world which could be your calling to start a blog, along with a few examples from my own blogging-filled life. Each example includes a “what it means for you” section where I share advice on what you should look out for in the real world. Hopefully you can use these tidbits to gain an edge on your competition, make a blog, and start blogging for life, too.

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Sign #1: You’re the most tech savvy person at your company

born to be a tech bloggerLet’s start right off with the stark reality where you’re the go-to (or maybe even the only) tech-savvy person in your office space.

In this scenario, everyone comes up to you asking, “How do I fix my internet?” or, “What’s wrong with my emails?” and you end up helping them. You are over-talented at technology and have a knack for problem solving, but maybe your company doesn’t recognize because they want you to complete certain other tasks. When I worked for the NYC City Hall this was day to day reality – I was the quintessential “web-guy.” I put up with it for two years before realizing these skills were more valuable in the blogosphere and never looked back.

What it means for you:

It’s only fun for so long doing tech support for a business or company without recognition, especially when you can go get that recognition by starting a blog. With your own blog, you get to build a readership who appreciates your work through comments, shares and real social media statistics. Real bloggers and bloggers-to-be recognize their technical talent is valuable and put it to use for the benefit of the world, not some corporation.


Sign #2: You wrote essays overnight and still got A’s

Great writers make great bloggersIf you were someone like me who saved essays and term papers until the last night and were still confident you could get them done, that’s a clear sign you were born to be a blogger.

You can write fast and efficiently because your mind knows what it wants to say and you almost see the words on the paper before they are written! Anyone who wrote great essays in high school or college has a shot at being a great blogger. You would be amazed by how poorly some of the best blogs are written – and should know you can do it better on your own topic of choice!

What it means for you:

This one is not just a sign but also inspiration. If you were good at writing essays quickly, you’ll likely be able to crank out blog posts for people to read, too. Here’s where the inspiration comes in: your essays usually got trashed, while your blog posts will live forever and be seen by WAY more people!


Sign #3: You have held a variety of teaching positions

teachers make great bloggersIf you were a tutor, assistant teacher or are just naturally good at explaining things, it’s 100% a sign you can succeed in the blogosphere!

Why? Because most great blogs use how-to articles in some shape or another to provide valuable information to the masses. Think “how to apply make up” or “how to beat level 5 in Call of Duty” or “how to create new designs in photoshop.” There are blogs which cover all of these things! If not, your blog could soon become the go-to resource for any kind of necessary instruction as long as it’s relevant and ideally heavily Googled.

What it means for you:

There is a ton of value in being a good teacher on the blogosphere. For every niche (finance, how-to, gardening, cooking, gaming, business, etc), there are a million questions people ask in Google every day and Google likes displaying blogs with good how-to’s as the answers. Make your blog one of these resources and you’re more than half way to becoming a well-known blogger. Of course, there is a ton of value in teaching in the real world, too, but why not do both?


Sign #4: You want to earn money on the internet

Make money as a bloggerBlogging is an excellent way to make money online through basic and commonly accepted avenues like Google Ads, private ad networks, product referrals, affiliate programs, and even writing posts for compensation.

If you have tried other means to earn some cash from time spent in front of the computer (investing, gaming, fantasy sports), but perhaps without much success, blogging is a more wholesome route that can certainly provide you with income in return for your hard work and time spent.

What it means for you:

The advice here is pretty simple: start sooner rather than later. Anyone who has seen the signs they should be a blogger and acted on them will tell you that starting soon is key. The sooner you start the learning process, the sooner you can start trying out different things to make your blog a profitable one. Not to make you feel too old, but there’s a great Pat Flynn post from 2008 explaining his frustration at not starting sooner in light of earnings lost.


Sign #5: You’ve always been a natural creator

Creative bloggersIf you have always created things, from poster boards to living room forts you could play with among friends and show off to your parents, it’s a major sign blogging is in the cards for you.

For me personally, it was always Lego and Lego competitions (not much success though, too many experts and big kids entered). Now on the blogosphere, I can write a post that I put long nights into and watch it get over a million views. Ask any blogger what their best posts are and they’ll immediately glow with pride at how many people have seen and enjoyed their work. You should feel this awesome feeling too!

What it means for you:

Take your creative powers to the web. Start with a simple epic blog post, or a bunch of smaller posts that tie together into an ultimate guide. When you start a WordPress blog with HostGator, you get unlimited posts, pages, images, and space for uploading your work. Create a blog about any niche and start blogging immediately to show the world how great you are and reveal your hidden talents. Even it seems scary to be a creator on the web, you absolutely must try it out and have my guarantee that you’ll enjoy it after a little practice.


There you have it, five out of perhaps hundreds of signs you were meant to be a blogger. As I said, it can be scary starting a blog from scratch, but that’s why HostGator is here to help. Have you seen any of these signs? Drop a quick comment from your experience – who knows, odds are you’re not alone and you could inspire someone with a similar experience to build a blog too!

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9 thoughts on “5 Signs You Were Born to Be a Blogger

  1. Out of the 5 reasons stated above, I can relate to #4 because I have always wanted to make money on the internet. As you stated, there are many other reasons that would show you were meant to blog. My interest about natural remedies grew more and more over the past 15 years. It really became my passion. In my career as a CADC, I come in contact with many people who have health issues and I began sharing with them my experiences with alternative medications. They seem really appreciative to receive an alternative method. I started feeling like if I did not share my knowledge and experiences, I would be doing a disservice to my clients. So I thought to myself, why not blog and share with the world? No one can tell my story like I can.

  2. Thank you guys for your responses! I was flying to Australia when this went live so anything that happened online that day I basically missed. I’m just now getting back to everyone.

    @Zain you’re set to start a blog then!

    @Karen TOTALLY felt that way. If you don’t share then won’t learn from you! I love your “no one can tell my story like I can” quote! Can I borrow that? :)

  3. Great post-Greg! I enjoyed reading it. I love that! So true! “Stop ignoring the signs and embrace your calling.” This took me awhile!

    I found once I embraced my calling (to become a blogger), jumped into the blogging world, I began to realize I was born to be a blogger! It was a bit of a scary process putting myself out there but so glad now that I did! This post reminded me of my beginnings.

    Your blog @ Dear Blogger, the suggestion to join HostGator,the support at thewordpressexperience and your video tutorials were valuable resources and still are!

  4. Man, I really related to this post!

    I Work at a private school where I’m the technology teacher and technology person, so #1 check!

    I had to write tons of stuff for my Master’s of Ed-Tech Degree, so #2 check!

    At the school I teach at I have taught the following classes over the last 16 years: History 7th – 12th, Band, Geography, Art, P.E., Civics, and 5 Technology classes. So, #3 teacher….Check!

    I’ve had several online businesses over the years and have actually made solid money from some of them…(I’d love to learn how to REALLY kill it, though.) So, #4 Check!

    I love doing things that are creative! #5…Check!

    I already have a blog that I set up with WP and HG! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend!


  5. Totally agree with you. Blogging is not easy but it worth for long term. You can choose your niche now and start making a good content for readers. Good article Greg Narayan.

  6. Thank you for this great post. I will like to add that if you can exercise patience then you were born to blog. i believe in blogging and i know i am a money making machine in the making. Just watch me

  7. @Cori – You were 100% born to be a blogger. You have an perspective and insight the blogosphere NEEDS these days. I’m so glad you joined the blogosphere and found DB. Your copiloting of The WordPress Experience has made the forum possible and helped 100s of real bloggers learn blogging and make blogs. To many more!!

    @Elmo – Wow man, you are a blogging sensei! Thanks so much for using my checklist haha. If you see this, what is your WordPress blog about? What verticals in online business have helped you make a successful income? I’d love to learn from your experience and bet others at Gator Crossing would too!

  8. @Wan – True, true, true. We have to choose our niche down to the T, then making good content becomes a lot easier.

    @Angu – Yes, patience is very much a virtue in this blogging thing. And being a money making machine is a good virtue too! Good luck and thanks for your comment!

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