Is your business ready to grow, but you’re struggling to get more traffic to your website? It’s time to invest in SEO!

If you want to know the secret for ranking in Google search results, RSVP now.

Our experts will cover the SEO basics you need to know to start ranking, such as:

  • How (and why!) to do keyword research
  • The importance of headings in your content
  • What, exactly, is metadata—and why you should care
  • The ideal URL structure
  • Tools and software to help you grow

Trust us: You won’t want to miss this! Watch the recording now.

Watch the Recording!

This free webinar took place on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

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Blair Williamson avatar

Blair Williamson

Content Marketing Manager

Blair loves reading, red wine, and self-torture called CrossFit. She has been working for HostGator since July 2018, and has a passion for using content strategy to make websites easy to understand and easy to navigate.

Alexis Krasinski

SEO Manager

Prior to her current role Alexis worked in content marketing and online reviews management for HostGator. Alexis lives in Austin, TX and enjoys traveling with her boyfriend and dog, Monkey Jones.

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Blair Williamson avatar

Blair Williamson is the content marketing manager for HostGator where she comes up with great ideas for blog content, webinars, and emails to help you rock your business.

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