create a gaming server with vps hosting

The downfalls of the client-host game set-up can be frustrating for experienced gamers. There’s little worse than getting deep into a game only to experience slow loading times, lags, and lost files.

The good news is there is a better way to enjoy the gaming experience, and it comes with a simple server upgrade.

When you switch to a dedicated server for gaming, you get an immediate solution to all of your gaming headaches.

This article will cover:

  • What a dedicated server for gaming is
  • The benefits of a private dedicated server for gaming
  • When a dedicated server is better than VPS

Let’s dig in.

What is a dedicated server for gaming?

The default online multiplayer gaming experience usually involves a host and clients. The host is the server that transmits the data to the players and keeps the game in sync. The clients are all the people that play the game but don’t host the game.

Usually, the host is the player that started the game, and this individual typically uses a computer or console to run a local version of the game. The host’s computer or console is responsible for a lot of hard work, including keeping track of every player’s location in the game, syncing the game, and tracking all game-related activity of all the players.

As you can imagine, it places a high demand on an individual console or computer to track all of this heavy-duty, game-related activity. If the host’s computer or console doesn’t have enough memory, processing power, and bandwidth to support all the behind-the-scenes activity, the game experiences slow load times, lags, and even dropped games at times.


The alternative is to take full control of your gaming experience by investing in a dedicated gaming server that’s managed by a company like HostGator.

A dedicated server is a fully remote server that is reserved for you and only you. This means you won’t have to share server space or resources with any other website or application.

In gaming, specifically, it means the dedicated server becomes the powerful game operator, instead of the wimpy computer or console of the player that started the game.

The result of setting up a private dedicated server for gaming is everyone can connect to the dedicated server where you have a strong enough connection to eliminate lags, full control of your server and gaming experience, and enough RAM and CPU to host a killer game for you and all of your friends.

Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of having a private dedicated server for gaming.

What are the advantages of a private dedicated server for gaming?

A dedicated server will take care of all the hosting duties, including keeping the game in sync and managing player activity. When these responsibilities are taken off of an individual computer and placed on a powerful server, you’ll see loads of benefits, including the following.

1. Full control

One of the top advantages of investing in a dedicated server for gaming is you have complete control over your gaming experience and enough power to make your gaming dreams come true.

You can configure the server how you want, including choosing the operating system, installing custom scripts, and setting up the game configuration.

You can also control how many players you have in the game, so you don’t have too many people eating up the memory.

Additionally, you can play any game you want and can determine the game rules such as how many rounds there will be, what constitutes a win, which weapons are allowed and banned, and more.

2. Reliability

Dedicated servers are no joke. They come with around-the-clock-server monitoring, high levels of power, cooling systems, and backup generators. This means your game is available 24/7. 

But, that’s not all.

Dedicated gaming servers have top-of-the-line hardware and an excellent internet connection. This means several players can join a game, but none of them will experience lag, out-of-sync playing, or slowdowns.

Dedicated servers also don’t save corrupt files, meaning you rarely risk losing a game, and you can pick up games where you left off. Want an ongoing game, but also a bit of rest here and there? A dedicated server is the answer.

3. Security

When you use your own computer, console, or machine to host a game of savvy-internet users, your computer is potentially at risk.

Dedicated servers can boast high security for several reasons. First, hosting companies invest heavily in cybersecurity, including advanced DDoS protection, excellent firewalls, manual backups, and scheduled backups.

Admins also have complete control over who can log in to the server, so they know who is playing the game at all times, protecting the server from intruders.

And, you can reserve your dedicated server for your game and only your game. When there are no other applications in the background, the attack surface is minuscule.

4. Play the games you want

Another advantage of a dedicated server is you can completely control the games you do play and the games you don’t play.

This includes creating a private, more mature environment, or creating a completely family-friendly environment. Since you have control over the server, you get to decide what does and doesn’t happen on your dedicated gaming server.

There are also some games that are too complex to play with multiple players with a computer or console host. A dedicated server offers robust RAM and CPU so you can enjoy these games without any lags or crashes.

5. Built-in support

A dedicated server from HostGator is more than just a tool; it’s also a service. 

If you want all the advantages of a dedicated server, but are nervous about your technical prowess, don’t worry. 

HostGator provides 24/7 support and is available to answer your questions or concerns, hook you up with the right server, and help you experience the best gaming experience possible.

When is a dedicated server better than a VPS for gaming?

If you’re looking into a gaming server option to allow for better performance and less lag, you’ve probably researched both VPS and dedicated servers.

The truth is, there are some instances when a VPS is sufficient for your gaming needs, and there is quite a cost difference between a VPS and a dedicated server. How do you know when you need a dedicated server for gaming over a VPS? 

Here are some instances when it’s best to skip the VPS and invest in dedicated first:

  1. You need more RAM. If you want a good gaming experience, you typically need at least 8GB of RAM. This means if you’re looking into a VPS server for gaming, you’ll need to start with the most powerful VPS plan or the Snappy 8000 plan from HostGator. If you need more than 8GB of RAM, then you should start with a dedicated server.
  1. You need more CPU. If you want to let in several players into your game, then you’ll need enough CPU to make it possible. The Snappy 8000 plan comes with 4 cores CPU. If this isn’t enough, then you need a dedicated server.
  1. You don’t want to worry about performance. There’s no arguing that a dedicated server has the most power out of all server options. With a dedicated server, all of your resources are saved for you and your game. If you don’t want to worry for a second about performance, get a dedicated server.
  1. The game you want to play is demanding. Games like PUBG and Fortnight, Ark, Call of Duty, and other similar games have high workloads. If you are playing a game that is more demanding than others, then you need a server that is strong enough to support the game without any problems. Check the game’s documentation to help you decide if a VPS or a dedicated server is right for you.
  1. You plan on scaling your gaming experience. Again, when you start with a VPS plan for a gaming server, you have to start with the most powerful VPS plan, the Snappy 8000. The only way to get more power from there is to invest in a dedicated server. If you plan on scaling your gaming experience, it makes more sense to start with a dedicated server from the get-go.

These are the main reasons why you would look into a dedicated server over a VPS for your gaming experience. It can be difficult to know what type of server is best for your gaming needs. If you have any questions, you can contact the team at HostGator and we will set you up with the right server for the games you want to play.

Get a dedicated server for gaming with HostGator today

If you’re tired of trying to play multiplayer games with your computer or console as the host, then it’s time to look into a dedicated server for gaming.

HostGator offers affordable and powerful dedicated servers that will eliminate lags, allow you full control of your gaming environment, and provide an all-around better gaming experience for you and your friends. Check out our dedicated servers today!

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