No Motivation to Blog

Blogging can be incredibly valuable, whether you’re writing for yourself, or trying to bring additional traffic to your business. However, it’s easy for the initial burst of inspiration to die off, and you’re left with the long work of building a popular blog all on your own.

It can be very hard to stay motivated, especially in the early stages when your blog is getting little to no traffic. But, sustaining motivation is one of the only ways to actually build a blog worth reading. Below we dive into a few tips for how you can stay motivated when you’re feeling discouraged.


1. Set a Consistent Time

Blogging might seem easy enough on the surface. You write a post and press publish. However, blogging is a craft that takes time to master.

No one is going to read your blog if it isn’t well written. Plus, you need to learn the difference between using your blog for something like a personal journal, and writing things that actually benefit the reader.

Becoming a better blogger is all about consistently writing and publishing content. Over time you’ll start to learn the craft and the quality of your work will improve.


2. Remember Why You’re Doing It

It can become easy to get disconnected from your why. So ask yourself, why are you blogging in the first place?

• Is it to share personal stories to make the world a better place?

• Is it educating people about a tough subject?

• Is it to get new leads for your business, so you can continue impacting the world in your own unique way?

It’s important to find and regularly connect to your core motivation for actually doing this thing. 


3. Learn About New Approaches and Strategies

If you truly want to build a blog that provides a lot of value, then you have a lot to learn. Blogging is like any craft and takes a while to master.

Beyond things like learning how to write for the web, you’ll need to learn skills like post promotion, post formatting, and even how to handle technical issues, like what to do when a plugin conflicts with your theme.

The best way to consistently move forward is to set aside an hour or two in your schedule every single day where you’ll do nothing but learn new things to move your blog forward.


4. Track Wins (No Matter How Small)

Since blogging is such a long journey, it’s easy to get caught up in all the steps you need to take in the future. Your end goal can be very far away, but it might actually be closer than you think. Sometimes all it takes for your blog to see a surge in traffic is a feature or mention from a popular blogger.

But, the only way you’re going to get there is by consistently putting in the work every single day. Reward yourself for every milestone you’ve crossed, whether it’s something big like your blogiversary, or even if it’s very small, like gaining 100 new visitors to your blog. Even the largest blogs in the world had to start somewhere.

Besides traffic hurdles you can view successes as things like, sticking to your publishing schedule, gaining a certain number of shares on social media, or getting a positive email from a reader.

Staying motivated is a tough task, but by keeping the above in mind you’ll be able to push through the rough spots and eventually reach your goal.

Starting a blog is the easy part. Staying motivated to see your vision through until the very end is a lot of work. The tips above will help to sustain your motivation whenever you see it waning.

Now over to you, what are your favorite motivation hacks and tips? Please share in the comments below.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.

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  1. Nice one here. I am confused about my choice of niche – football. Is like in Nigeria people don’t easily visit local football news site. I have been around for 4months now (with hostgator)with only 14 unique visitors visiting my site forcefully. Forcefully? Yes, because I persuaded them to. So I am really discouraged. Few of my visitors are advising me to include fashion, food, tourism, local and international news, gossips, politics etc. But the big challenge there is the name of my site which doesn’t sound good enough to embrace the above listed topics. Please what’s your professional advice? Should I go ahead with my chosen niche and continue to struggle with traffic or should I use the name to post news on other stuff?

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