New Year's Resolutions for Online Entrepreneurs

Every year, right around the time December 31st begins to approach, we may find ourselves reminiscing on the prior year’s happenings, for better or worse. Our thoughts soon turn to New Year’s Resolutions.

The word resolution in many definitions is intended to be the action of solving a problem, making a firm decision to do, or not to do, something.

As an online entrepreneur, the very nature of succeeding is to try, and with trying, it is practically guaranteed we’re going to experience failures along the way. Failures, however, aren’t an aspect to business you should be setting resolutions to abolish; instead, pat yourself on the back for opening up opportunities to learn which strategies are worthwhile.

This year we’ve chosen to emphasize resolutions catering to your health, happiness, and vitality as an online entrepreneur. Running your business from the online space takes an enormous amount of time and energy. This year let’s plan to take some of that time and energy back, so you can keep pushing forward professionally.

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1. Take Control Of Your Time Spent Working

For the typical American, a forty hour work week is the standard expectation when it comes to time spent on the clock. For the typical entrepreneur, forty hours a week sounds like the amount of time spent working on their last vacation.

Entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of always specifying when or how long they’re going to work. When business comes knocking on the door you answer it; when business is feeling scarce you dig deeper to find it. Working away your life, however, isn’t the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

This year make it your number one priority to divide your time between all the areas of your life that matter, be it entertainment, friends, time at the gym, or just getting enough sleep. Balance will always be key to long-term business sustainability and growth.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I actually focused on work, while I work? Or am I constantly checking my phone?
  • Can I give myself a quit time everyday?
  • Do I do too much work while I’m at home or around friends?
  • Can I stop working on the weekends?

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2. Sharpen Up Your Financial Knowledge

Whether you’ve hired a personal CPA, or have to run the books all on your own, there’s always more to learn when it comes to saving money for your business. Starting a new year means all of your expenses get reset, and the knowledge you carry with you starting January 1st will greatly improve your quarterly tallies.

Here are a few smart spending tips for 2017:

  • Maximize your deductions by meeting with a  reputable CPA who will refresh your memory on which lunches can be written off, in addition to all the other business expenses you want to keep fresh in your mind.
  • Still have bad debts with high APRs? Get rid of them this year for good. It may seem difficult but swallowing interest costs will really add up over time.
  • If possible, lower your operating costs without sacrificing noticeable quality.
  • If you’re debt free, but actually could benefit from a loan, work on raising your personal credit as this is a major factor in getting business loans.
  • Use 2016’s revenue as a prediction for which months performed best, and learn to anticipate future efforts for improving these numbers.


3. Make Health A Priority Everyday

Of all the cliche New Year Resolutions, “eat better and workout” has to be among the most prevalent. Sadly most people start with a burst of motivation, only to quit once the Super Bowl party or box of Valentine’s Day chocolates disrupts their determination.

How do you make health a priority everyday? You mix it up, and set one realistic goal every morning.

No one, except professional athletes and devout gym rats, can find time to exercise everyday. So don’t tell yourself you’re going to, only to feel like you’ve broken a resolution when you don’t. Make exercise a craving. Do it in the middle of the day, opposed to after you’re done working. Do it in the morning. Squeeze it into your schedule every given opportunity just like every other aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Below are some healthy tips to follow besides exercise. Successfully implementing one of these everyday will allow you to achieve micro goals which add up to long term healthy habits:

  • Buy a large water bottle, 32oz or more, and make it a goal to refill it several times a day. Being hydrated is often under prioritized for most people.
  • Get into making nutrient dense smoothies in the morning. They’re quick, easy, and will keep you running until well past lunch time.
  • Spend less time on your screens, and more time outside.
  • Take a five minute breather every 30 minutes. Just because you sit in front of your desk for three hours, doesn’t mean you were actually working.


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4. Give Back To Your Community

Leaving politics aside, 2016 was a pretty rough year for a lot of people. This cloud of negativity has given the impression things in the world are not okay, and our general attitude towards one another is divisive to say the least. As a business person dependent upon the support of your community, whether locally or in an online sphere, it’s up to you to play a role in bringing people back together.

  • Use your technical skills to assist a non-profit organization.
  • Sponsor events catered to less fortunate community members.
  • Mentor other entrepreneurs just starting out to provide a sense of support and guidance.

It really is true that the more you give, the more you’re going to get in return.


5. Do Not Let Others Define Your Success

Part of obtaining health and happiness is remembering how to be grateful for what we have, and not focus on what we think we’re missing. Being an entrepreneur is undeniably competitive; however, measuring yourself against the highlight reels and successes of your peers is not a formula for having an excellent 2017. The best thing about “success” is that it is entirely subjective.

Someone may make more money than you, but do they have the time to enjoy their earnings. How is their health?

The point is, define your own success.

Which of these resolutions do you plan to follow in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

We wish you a happy new year filled with success, growth, and new opportunities!

Jeremy Jensen is a Professional Photographer and Freelance Writer based in Lake Tahoe, CA. His work is centered around photojournalism, nature and music, but also loves any opportunity to work with people. To view his portfolio or to follow him on Social Media visit

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