Increase The Reach of a Piece of Content

Creating good content will take a lot of time, so naturally you’ll want to get the most mileage out of a single post as possible. Instead of publishing a blog post and calling it a days work there are several ways you can maximize the reach of every blog post you create.

This strategy can also be useful when you create a piece of content that does extremely well, through using the ideas outlined below you can continue to maximize the value of a post well after you’ve pressed publish.

Below we high five different ways you can further the reach and increase the usefulness of a single piece of content.

Turn A Well-Received Blog Post Into A Lead Generation Machine

Do you have a single blog post that’s outperformed the rest of the content on your site? If so, then why not let the post work for you. By expanding the post and turning it into a short, actionable, eBook you can transform the post into a piece of content that’ll generate a steady stream of email subscribers.

For instance, you could create a downloadable version of the post at the top and bottom of the current blog post, and ask for an email address in exchange for the download. You could even create a series of resource posts on your site that feature downloadable forms of the most popular content your site has to offer.

Turn A Blog Post Into A YouTube Video

If you have an in-depth blog post, or series of posts that focus on helping your customers with one of their deep needs, then you could use your current post as a script for a series of YouTube videos.

Instead of having to create content from scratch you can use your previous research as the backbone for a series of videos. YouTube has a very large user base, and can be a potentially large source of traffic for your business.

Create An Infographic Out Of Your Post

Does your post feature a lot of compelling statistics, or fully flesh out a view point of a relevant issue?

If so, you can turn that post into an infographic you can then shop around to relevant sites in your niche. Creating an infographic does take time and money, but once you have it created you’ll have something tangible you can share for a long-time.

Plus, infographics tend to do very well across social media, and can be a great source of backlinks to your website.

Share The Post Across Social Media, Repeatedly

Just because you’ve shared something once doesn’t mean you can’t repeatedly share the post through your social media channels. Once you have a post or two that tend to do well across social media, make sure you consistently promote them.

You could even create a series of ads that promote the post to new segments of your market on a regular basis. Make sure you dig through your post archives to see if you have any valuable posts you haven’t shared for a long-time.

If your content creation strategy has led you towards creating evergreen style content, then you’ll have a steady supply of content you can continue to promote for quite some time.

Expand The Original Post Into A Downloadable eBook

If you’ve created a resource-type post that your audience loves you can use your current blog post as an outline to dive even further into the subject matter. Once you have a book-length’s supply of words you can then publish this as a downloadable eBook on your site, upload the book to Amazon, or even create a SlideShare presentation out of your material.

Different aspects of your audience will like to consume varying styles of content. By extending the lifespan of your content by expanding into different mediums you’ll be able to further the traction you get from a single piece of content.

Of course, you won’t do this for every piece of content you create. But, by applying the above tips intelligently you’ll be able to extend the reach of your most popular and valuable content for a long time.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.