live social video ideas for small business

Social Live Video Ideas from 5 Successful Brands

Live social video is essential for marketing teams.

With irrelevant messages consuming customers’ attention, your team needs content that will stand out from the rest. And that’s where live social video becomes valuable to your small business.

“Live streaming videos give you the chance to attract a much larger audience and generate more traffic and online visibility. Because of its immediate interaction, you can entice more viewers than you would from just a simple status update or post,” states Maggie Munley, account manager at Corporate Communications.

Dust off your favorite outfit. It’s time for you to step in front of the camera.

Here are five live social video ideas to get you started.


1. Interview Thought Leaders

Education is important in today’s society. People are always seeking knowledge to advance their careers, help their businesses, or just find a product at a cheaper price.

Knowledge is definitely power. If you’re seeking to impress your audience on live social video, you’ll want to start by interviewing thought leaders in your industry.

Experts can offer unique insights on how to tackle small and big challenges affecting your consumers. By interviewing them, you also shine a light on your amazing brand.

You’ll want to select thought leaders that your customers respect. So take the time to research the latest blogs, attend a few conferences, or listen to several podcasts. These spaces are prime areas to find well-qualified experts.

But don’t miss the opportunity to interview the thought leaders on your team. They work day in and day out in particular areas that may interest your audience.

Below is an live social video example from Socedo, a lead generation platform. While streaming on Periscope, the company interviewed their head of sales about direct messaging in the B2B social media marketing.

social live video example on twitter

You’ll also want to think about the topic and interview questions. Poll your audience before the chat and take live questions during the interview. That way, you’re engaging with the customer and not talking at them.


2. Explore Behind the Scenes

Your team’s tasks and responsibilities may seem routine (and even mundane). Everyone is doing their job to contribute to a greater cause—the customer’s satisfaction.

However, that’s not the case for your social media followers. You do something extraordinary in their eyes. You make a product they adore!

On any given day, your team is working behind the scenes, planning new product launches, arranging customer appreciation events, or speaking at a major conference.

Those actions you call “small” are a really big deal to your customers. People enjoy getting the inside scoop on what happens within your small business—and live video makes it possible.

“Use streaming to create conversations, give customers important information, and highlight fans, partners, employees, and new technologies (and share the spotlight). Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses is yet another way to thank your biggest fans and enable them to help share your brand story,” says Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human.

The New York Times is revered for its crossword puzzle. On Facebook Live, the team solves the puzzle with its followers. Plus, they give hints and viewers can put their guesses in the comments section.

facebook live video from new york times

Let your creativity run wild to show off your behind-the-scenes moments. It’s your opportunity to give your brand a personality.


3. Announce New Products

You’re constantly seeking different ways to create brand awareness. You want to drive sales, too.

Live social video can provide a helping hand. Streaming the announcement of your new products gets consumers excited. It’s a chance to see your product in real-time for the very first time.

And guess what? They don’t have to leave their home or office.

Then, your product announcement becomes a full-fledged event. On live video, you can explain the product features, demonstrate how it works, and talk to customers.

“Sharing the event with your audience can make them feel included and enthusiastically engage with your brand. If it’s not exactly viable to host an event on your own, you can still engage your audience by getting involved in a much bigger event and then sharing live videos of how you’re helping out,” writes Inc. contributor Shane Barker.

Time magazine highlights how to use Barker’s advice. When Apple made a big product announcement, the media publisher streamed the live event on its own YouTube channel. Bringing attention to industry news also can score you a larger audience.

Whether it’s your product or industry news, make sure to invite your customers to the event. Their presence can lead to sale now or in the future.


4. Perform How-to Presentations

When it comes to bringing products to life, there’s nothing better than a how-to presentation. It’s your moment of glory to give consumers that aha feeling.

Demonstrating your product or service is an effective approach for prospective and current customers. When you turn on the camera, your main objective is to show them your product’s value.

Before you get started, decide on what you want to demonstrate. You don’t want to risk fumbling over your own product with a live audience.

You also don’t want to spend an hour or two explaining something; you’ll lose the attention of the audience quickly.

Next, select who will be your on-air talent. You want a team member who can talk naturally about the product and won’t freeze up if he makes a mistake. You want someone who can handle the technical difficulties.

How-to presentations don’t have to convey a serious tone. Have fun with your audience. Check out this example from Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s a light-hearted live video to celebrate their super fans on Valentine’s Day.

dunkin donuts facebook live video

Killer presentations are all about organizing your ideas before the camera turns on. Do the hard work up front, so you can have fun with your customers on live social video.


5. Support Your Cause

Sometimes, live social video isn’t all about you. If you want to generate brand awareness, your small business must spotlight other causes.

Today’s consumer is searching for ways to connect with brands. Supporting your favorite charitable causes is one route to displaying your brand’s values.

Maybe you donate a percentage of your sales to a local nonprofit. Or your team volunteers at a specific soup kitchen every year. Those defining moments give consumers an inside look at your small business.

With live video, you can capture the selflessness of your team. Michael Quoc, founder and CEO of Dealspotr, offers his perspective:

“Live streaming makes your brand feel real. It’s an opportunity for you to be less polished and more authentic. You can show the human side of your team versus the scripted, commercial side.”

ASPCA hosts live adoption videos for rescued animals. It’s heartwarming and sincere. Audiences have no choice but to like and share the video. These videos would be perfect for a small business to show their support.

social live video example support a charity

There’s a wide-range of nonprofit organizations looking for help. Lend support to a cause that matters to your team.


Lights, Camera, Action

Live social video is making a splash in every industry. Consumers want to see your brand’s personality and the people behind it.

Engage your audience by interviewing thought leaders with bold ideas. Announce upcoming product ideas to gauge consumer interest. And of course, give your favorite nonprofit cause some support.

It’s time for your close up. Start creating your own live social videos.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.