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Want to work from home and live the dream? Of course you do! Or, are you aiming to earn some extra online cash on the side through your next brilliant idea? Sure!

We live in what’s been dubbed the Gig Economy — everybody’s got some kind of side hustle to make ends meet, and with big dreams of striking it HUGE. With instant access to powerful resources the web affords the entrepreneurial-minded with endless opportunities to earn money.

There are now more than ever ways to be gainfully employed either full- or part-time through the web. If you’re motivated to earn some cash, it’s really only a matter of matching up your skills with which job suits you best. The web is your oyster! Make it count!


If you’ve got a knack for the written word…

Writer Internet Business Ideas1. Social media manager

Help business owners set up their social network profiles and use free tools like MySocialSuite to automate their posting schedules.

2. Blogger

Write blog posts for time-starved business owners or marketers. Google Docs (also free) is probably your best bet for sharing and editing work.

3. eBook writer

eBooks are awesome promotional and lead generation tools. If you can whip up some of these for clients, be ready to earn some mad cash!

4. Resume & cover letter writer/consultant

Many people really struggle with this, so make it your job to help them get jobs.

5. Proofreader

Make sure those t’s are crossed! Plenty of folks struggle with grammar and punctuation to keep you busy.

Resources: Freelance Writing Gigs, Upwork, MediaBistro


If you’re the visual/techie creative type…

Freelance Designer Developer6. Graphic designer

For the artistically gifted who also dig tech, there’s tons of available online work.

7. Web designer

Not many have an eye for creating sleek websites that grab attention and encourage customers to make a purchase. If you’ve got those skills, get started now!  

8. Logo designer

Most marketers or business owners don’t have the time nor the inclination to create a clever logo for their brand. Rescue them with your artistic prowess.

9. Memes, online ads, infographics, social media images

Sell yourself as a well-rounded digital artist and you’ll finds all sorts of work! Use free image creators like Canva or Pixlr to dazzle your clients.

Resources: 99Designs, Behance


If you’ve got a sense for fashion…

Fashion Blogger Internet Business Ideas10. Clothing designer

Have a great catchphrase that belongs on a t-shirt/cap/mug you swear everyone will buy? Design it yourself!

11. Fashion blogger/Instagrammer

Share your #OutfitoftheDay. Build a big enough following and you’ll attract sponsors.

Resources: CafePress, HostGator Blog Hosting


If you’re crafty and dig fine arts…

DIY Internet Business Ideas12. Online shop owner

Create awesome homemade stuff and sell it! Jewelry, clothing, paintings, plus all of the crafts.

Resources: Etsy, HostGator Business Hosting


If you’ve got some extra offline time…

13. Household helper

Virtual Assistant Gig EconomyDo laundry, help people pack and move, drive ‘em around, go grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, and more.

14. Virtual assistant

Be a professional Jack or Jill of all trades and help individuals or companies manage administrative tasks. 

15. Online nerd consultant

Are you a brilliant business guru? Advise companies and set them up for success.

Resources: TaskRabbit, Lyft, UberZirtual, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, HourlyNerd


If you know how to ABC (always be closing)…

Salesperson Gig Economy16. Affiliate marketer

Partner up with some quality affiliate programs (pssst…HostGator has one) and get a percentage of what you sell. This can work great if you’re already using the products you’re selling. Then you can readily speak to how great they are.

Resources:  WordPress plugins, Affiliorama, Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies


If you’re a natural born teacher…

Teacher Tutor Online Business Ideas17. Online tutor or SAT prep master

Help individual students in various subjects, or help many at once by preparing them for nerve-wracking standardized tests.

Resources:, Get Educated


So, please think fondly of us when one of these online gigs makes you rich and famous, or at least rich. 


Have you claimed your piece of the gig economy? Share your experience and what you do in the comments!

Henry Green is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their online presence through marketing, social media, and website optimization.

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