How To Create Engaging Content For Your Small Business

As a small business owner you might already know about the importance of creating content for your online strategy. You may have tried to blog for a while, or post via social media and saw little to no growth in traffic. There are a variety of reasons this could have occurred, but one of the biggest problems business owners face is having little to no engagement with their content.

Creating engaging content is an art in and of itself. I hope that in this post I can illuminate some of the finer points for you to implement today. Engaging content begins with understanding your customer and creating content that excites, educates, and encourages them to come back for more.


Don’t Think Viral For The Sake Of Going Viral

Going viral has its benefits, but a lot of business owners think that going viral will solve all of their traffic problems for the rest of their lives. Sadly, writing an article about the top 50 cat GIFs won’t bring the right kind of traffic to your website.

Instead of thinking about massive traffic numbers you’ll want to think about relevant traffic numbers. This means that creating a unique and fresh piece of content for the right group of people has much more value than a random piece of content that gets shared around the web.

1. Go Beyond The Boundaries
When you think about your business see if you can think about its content strategy the same way a publisher would. Spend some time examining the content that surrounds your niche and see if you can create content on similar topics.

Of course, you don’t want to copy word for word, or just re-hash what everyone else has to say, but if you can put a unique spin or offer a unique take on the same topics you’ll start to set yourself apart.

When people see you as the person in your niche who’s not afraid to be honest, or take a slightly separate viewpoint you’ll start to stand out and actually craft engaging content.

2. Think Inside Your Customer’s Head
Instead of thinking from inside your business, or your own mind it’s time to think as if you were your customer. Identify certain types of content that they would love to share, read, and comment on.

This might cause you to come up with topics that are a little different, but at least they’re topics your ideal customer is going to be interested in. After all, the more you can cater to your customer’s needs the more you’re going to build trust and the more likely they’re going to help spread your message.

3. Try Something Crazy
Have you ever had a weird idea for your content, but were too afraid to run with it? I know it’s happened on multiple occasions for me. However, with all of the content being created and shared every single day, something a little strange might actually stand out.

See if you can relate it back to your business. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be unique, after all this is what attracts people in the first place. Too much of the content online is simply a regurgitation of what someone else said. Being different works.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.