Ok folks, I know you have been waiting for a while, and I have had a lot of you ask me when the new Windows hosting will be available? Well I am happy to let you know that now you can purchase a Windows dedicated server. First I want to say this is just the beginning of what we will be offering for Windows hosting, so stay tuned for further announcements.So what does having your own Dedicated Windows Server offer you? You will receive the latest Plesk 8 interface for setting up your website, email etc… The Windows environment will allow you to use ASP. You can choose which version will best fit your needs along with your choice of MSSQL, MYSQL, and Access database connections which will be available at all times for you to create and take advantage of simultaneously.

Do you need a server fast? Your Windows server will be provisioned, secured and delivered within 24 hours of purchase, and we will provide you with monthly server management at no additional cost.

So I have given you the scoop, and now I am offering the first 5 people that purchase a Windows dedicated server from reading this blog a $100 dollar discount on your first month purchase. In order to receive this discount you must email me at jgarcia(at)hostgator.com.

This is a first come first serve deal and this discount may NOT be combined with other offers, so if you want to get your first month at a reduced price you better act quick before its over. I will give anyone who emails me for this deal a 24 hour window to complete the purchase, then I will offer it to the next person in line.

11 thoughts on “Windows Dedicated Web Hosting

  1. Yes, I’m also looking for the shared Windows :) It was about time :P
    As always, I trust Hostgator to deliver :)

  2. Robert – All I can say is soon at this point. We have gotten a few more windows admins in place for this, so it will be a go very shortly.

    Ray – You will have the same ability as a regular reseller plan with HostGator in theory. In other words you can sell hosting to people. You will not be able to sell reseller accounts with a reseller account if thats what you were asking.

  3. Justin – Thanks. No I was looking for a better hosting company to transfer all my clients over to. I notice that Windows was coming soon. I have several clients on windows platform to fit there needs. No I wasn’t looking for the ability to sell to resellers.

    Thanks Ray

  4. Will the features of the shared hosting be identical to the dedicated server? ASP.NET, MSSQL/MySQL/Access, etc? Will bandwidth and space be equal to the current shared hosting?

  5. I bought Expressions recently and look forward to trying it out. Please drop me a line when you have your Windows web hosting up.

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