Create a Services Page for Your Website

Every kind of service business has the same basic challenge: You need to let your target customers know what you offer, why you’re the right person for the job, and how to contact you.

That’s why it’s so important to have a well-written, well-designed services page on your website.

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5 Tips for Building a Service Page that Wins Clients

Here are our top five tips for building a services page that works.

1. Know the ideal audience for your services.

Who is your services page for? A good services page speaks directly to the needs of your best customers—or, if your business is brand-new, the customers you hope to have.

Think about your customer personas, if you’ve developed them. If you haven’t yet developed customer personas for your marketing, do that before you create your services page.

buyer persona example

2. Decide whether you want one services page or a page for each service.

If you already know you’re going with a single-page website, then your services section will be part of that single page. Otherwise, you need to choose to have one or multiple service pages.

When you should have one Services page

Putting all your information on one page makes it easier for visitors to scroll through your offerings on a phone. Some SEO experts and theme developers also say putting all the information on one page moves visitors through the conversion funnel faster, so they’re more likely to subscribe or contact you.

One services page may be best:

  • Your business is new and you don’t have a big portfolio yet.
  • You offer a small range of easy-to-understand services.
  • Most of your customers find your site through mobile search.

When you should have multiple Services pages

You can also have a services overview page that links to individual pages for each service. This gives you more places to use focus keywords to boost your SEO. The trick here is to limit the number of subcategories, so your site remains easy to navigate.

Multiple services pages may be your best bet if:

  • You have portfolio examples and testimonials to show for each type of service.
  • You offer a large range of services or services that require explanation.
  • You’re in a competitive niche or location and want to raise your SEO game.

3. Create content for your services page

Every service page needs your unique selling proposition, service descriptions, social proof, and calls to action.

Your USP

You don’t have to write a novel, but this is the place to brag on yourself. Do you have years of experience? Thousands of positive customer reviews? Case studies showing how your services helped clients reduce costs or increase revenue? Link to or embed that information here.

Service descriptions

Go into some depth on each service, because longer copy with relevant long-tail keywords can help your page rank better in search results. Does your premium dog grooming package include a canine massage? Do your birthday party packages include gluten-free cupcake options? People searching for this level of detail are often ready to buy. Help them find you!

Social proof

If you have them, include or link to portfolio samples, reviews, testimonials, or case studies somewhere on your services page—either in your USP at the top or in each service description.

A call to action

Put your call to action (“call us now” or “request a quote”) at the top and bottom of your page.

Signup content

To stay in contact with undecided visitors, offer free content in exchange for their email address. It can be general, like “A guide to choosing a home renovation contractor.” You can also create several pieces of content tied to individual services, like “How to decide between wood and vinyl siding” and “Which replacement windows are right for your home?” You can segment customers who sign up by the types of content they request and nurture those leads via email.

4. Make your services page easy to navigate.

Now that you have the information you want to include on your services page, make that information easy for potential customers to use.

Scan-friendly copy

Organize your text so it’s easy to scan. Subheadings, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists are easier to read on small screens than long paragraphs.

Consistent style

Keep your headings consistent. On a single services page, use the same heading level (H1 or H2) for each service you offer, with descriptions underneath. This helps readers grasp your services at a glance, and it’s better for SEO, too.

If you make separate pages for each service, keep descriptions, heading usage, and page formats consistent across those pages. Consider turning on breadcrumbs, so users can easily see where they are.

Appealing design

You can design your services page with the Gutenberg drag-and-drop editor when you choose one of HostGator’s managed WordPress hosting plans. These plans come with more than 100 free template options to help you design a great-looking site fast. You can also install other WordPress themes to get the look you want. Some of the free themes we like for small businesses and solopreneurs are Experon, Life Coach, Ryan Grid, Astra, and Schema Lite.

Want to have a pro design your services page? You can save time and get great results with HostGator’s Website Design Services. In addition to a professionally designed site, you also get expert SEO guidance, individual training, and monthly marketing help.

5. Monitor your services page metrics.

After you debut your services page, watch your metrics in Google Search Console. When you click the Performance tab, you’ll see a list of the search queries visitors have used to find your site, the click-through rate from search results, and the pages they visited.

find top keywords in new google search console

Over time, you’ll see whether your services page keywords match the keywords your visitors use to find your page. You’ll also see whether they’re sticking around, signing up for your free content, and more. You can adjust your keywords, calls to action, and other page elements if you need to, based on your Search Console data.

Ready to get started? Check out the services pages for HostGator’s managed WordPress hosting plans and Website Design Services today.

Casey Kelly-Barton is an Austin-based freelance B2B content marketing writer. Her specialty areas include SMB marketing and growth, data security, IoT, and fraud prevention