When exploring the overwhelmingly wide world of design tips, tricks, bells, whistles, gidgets, and gadgets galore, it’s important to keep in mind that the old adage of “K.I.S.S” still (very much) applies.

Keep It Simple, Stupid


Information Harvesting

The words “big” and “data” and being woven together and flung around frequently these days. The Internet has very much changed the game of information harvesting. The “need to know” marketing data for which companies of old would sell off their firstborns is now readily available at the low-low cost of a brilliant web design team.


Process Improvement

No one enjoys scrolling. I, for one, shudder to think at being forced to scroll infinitely to see all your things. Unless you are an endless source of news output (nod to Yahoo and Facebook), I would prefer you just tell me what I need to know and allow me the opportunity to inquire further as I see fit. Courtesy, please and thank you.

In lieu of leading and guiding your time-conscious customer into a labyrinth of business glorification, events, and arguably cool stories, instead simplify your site so that your customer can easily discover what it is they require. The great thing about the Internet is oftentimes the consumer either knows exactly what they are looking for, or at the very least has a general idea. Be certain to consider the customer experience above all else.


Site Navigation & Friendliness

Once your mind has been set and you are focused on ensuring the warm and fuzzy customer experience provided by a de-cluttered webspace, it is time to outline your layout. Unfortunately, most businesses seem to overthink this process. If the information or product line you are providing is minimal, then your website should be as well. If you are providing a wide range of products, then you need to invest in an amazing search tool that is fully capable of easing the navigation process. Likewise, if your site offers substantial information, articles, knowledge bases, etc., then you should also include an all-encompassing search bar.


While many of these items are basic and somewhat arguable, a mastery of fundamentals is the foundation of true greatness. The Internet has already seen an uptick in the use of flat UI to improve navigation speed and overall look/feel. Laser focused content has also become more popular as companies seek to reduce clutter and hasten the transactions with their busy customer base. Finally, acquiring and tracking information in a wise, considerate, secure and thoughtful way has also risen to the forefront of Internet innovation. Don’t be the last business left back in the 2000s. As the eloquent English singer-songwriters, Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, wrote: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…”


Image Source: http://www.centerforinnersciences.org/uploads/1/6/1/3/16136688/1635408_orig.jpg