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  • The Adventures of Snappy: Electric Attitude Edition

    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 by
    It's been a little while since Snappy hit the town to see some live music.  If you've missed his prior adventures, check out the archives right here. Snappy recently witnessed Houston's very own Electric Attitude playing at the legendary Number's nightclub.  As per normal, given his VIP access, Snappy was able to enjoy the show from the best seat in the house, right on stage: electric_attitude02   Electric Attitude are the undisputed kings of Houston Funk/Soul/R&B, having taken home the Houston Press Awards in that category for three years running (2011-2013).  With unique instrumentation, including an EWI (electric wind instrument), the band delivers an impressive mix of cross-genre appeal, seamlessly gliding into rock, blues and dance territory. EA's high-energy live show translates exceptionally well to their most recent album, Skintight & Solid Gold (Gr8 Heights Records).  Snappy was fortunate enough to catch up with the guys once again at the recent Houston Press Artopia Event, for another quick photo op including the aforementioned new album: electric_attitude01   Electric Attitude are a truly great live band; Snappy highly recommends you go see them when they come to your town! If you have an event in the Houston or Austin area that you would like for Snappy to attend, please get in touch with us by emailing ATTN: Blog.
  • Bee Cave and The West Pole

    Thursday, December 26, 2013 by
    It's been quite a while since we shared private conversations from our internal Instant Message conference rooms.  It is often true that, as we diligently work throughout the day on our many initiatives and projects, hilarity is often ensuing in the various conference rooms. This particular conversation was initiated by an employee in the Austin office innocently mentioning their desire for certain cookies that would necessitate a trip to Trader Joe's in the neighboring town of Bee Cave, Texas.  This resulted in the following conversation taking place.  Before we proceed, for anyone unfamiliar, "TIL" is an acronym for "Today, I learned": (10:08:04 AM) Isaac:,_Texas (10:08:11 AM) Isaac: TIL there is such a thing as a west pole (10:08:17 AM) Isaac: And it's Bee Cave 0_o While just about everyone is familiar with the North and South Poles, none of us knew that there was such thing as a West Pole.  However, the Wikipedia page does state: "In 2007, the Texas Legislature declared the West Pole of the Earth to be located in Bee Cave, TX." (10:09:39 AM) Neil: TIL that the Texas Legislature is Science-illiterate. (10:11:38 AM) Austin: Um...Their logic is really off here: “As there are recognized and generally accepted North and South Poles on Planet Earth, there too must be East and West Poles." ...They are negating the Earth is three dimensions... (10:12:01 AM) Isaac: Austin, you and I both know it's flat, cause Texas. (10:12:08 AM) Austin: 'Merica (10:28:00 AM) Austin: Think there is a physical pole up yet? (10:28:29 AM) Davon: I think I'll put one out there with an HG flag when I go out there for cookies.
    So far, so good, however things then got exceptionally weird when the actual piece of legislation was located: Adopted by the House of Representatives on May 28th, 2007, this legislation states that Texas has all of the following (and we're not even joking, please go read the exact text at the above link): bluer skies, redder sunsets, faster horses, more unique animals, the most beautiful wildflowers, fatter deer, oranger longhorns, more beautiful women, smarter children, and kinder men. Now, as Texans we most certainly love our great state of Texas, but how is it even remotely possible to put some of these grandiose claims into an actual piece of legislation?  For example: (10:31:30 AM) Muntek: Rofl, oranger longhorns (10:32:18 AM) Isaac: Wow (10:32:24 AM) Isaac: Just reading the first paragraph (10:33:17 AM) Davon: So I can literally say, I'm gonna have to drive to the West Pole for cookies. And drive to the West Pole for cookies, he did.
  • Happy 11th Birthday, Snappy!

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013 by
    Snappy turns 11 today!  Now that Snappy is officially a tween, we're celebrating by offering domains for just $2.95 per year and all new hosting plans are 50% off!  This offer is good today only, because Snappy will only turn 11 once!  Help us celebrate by using coupon code GATORDAY and pick up that new domain now! BDaySale2013_v18-03_blog
  • cPanel Conference 2013

    Friday, October 4, 2013 by
    If you happened to read our blog post about cPanel's 2012 conference, then you already know that cPanel throws a conference like no other.  This year's conference was September 30 to October 2 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The meals were top-notch, the exhibition floor was packed with exhibitors and attendees, and the nightly outings and events were all quite memorable (for those who remember them).   Just like we said last year: cPanel does it right! cpanel_conference13_logo Everything kicked off with a gathering of attendees in front of the hotel for a New Orleans tradition, a Second Line, which is basically a giant group of folks following a marching brass band.  We were unhampered by the slight rain due to orange cPanel umbrellas having been supplied to the group: cpanel_umbrellas While we waited on the dock prior to boarding the boat, Creole Queen, we were treated to several more tunes from the band.  From our vantage point here, you can just barely see the top of the tuba, but trust us the band was there and they were amazing: creole_queen As soon as we stepped on board, we headed down to the dining hall where we were treated to some delicious Cajun food: creole_queen_dining_hall And the band played on: creole_queen_band After dinner, our cruise on the mighty Mississippi river officially began. The view of New Orleans from the water was truly impressive: new_orleans_skyline The night concluded with a party at the Masquerade Bar inside of Harrah's casino. It might be worth noting that at this point in our tale, the actual exhibit floor of the conference had not yet opened: masquerade The next morning, we awoke to find a little surprise. Apparently, WHMCS ninjas had deposited their custom product into each of our rooms whilst were we all out the night before. Presenting the WHMCS Complete Hangover Solution: water, Tylenol, stain remover, band-aids, Pepto, Tic-Tacs, and 5-Hour Energy: whmcs_gift It was then time for the exhibit floor to officially open.  We spent the day chatting with customers and other industry providers, making new friends and handing out tons of HostGator merch, all from the comfort of our own booth: hostgator_booth We had some interesting visitors stop by and see us as well, they took a particular shine to the Snappy dolls: visitors Throughout the course of the conference, our displays took many different shapes and forms: hostgator_merch01 hostgator_merch02 hostgator_merch03 Unlike last night when we floated on a boat, tonight we rode on floats. We were accompanied by a marching band and given a police escort through the streets of New Orleans.  As  you can see in the following image, the floats were stocked with plenty of beads to toss to the revelers on the streets: parade We ultimately arrived at the venue and were treated to a high energy set by New Orleans's own Bag of Donuts, who play an impressive mix of music from the 50's up through current hits.  We will say it here for posterity: that singer plays a mean cowbell! bag_of_donuts We had certainly come to expect the unexpected, as interesting characters seemed to appear out of the woodwork in New Orleans, but we had never quite encountered the likes of this individual, who prowled about the venue all night: neworleans_creature As day two of the conference began, the exhibit floor again had its own surprise cast of characters, including this very tall gentleman: tall_guy It was another day of talking with customers and colleagues and handing out copious amount of HostGator t-shirts and plush Snappys.  Once the convention floor wrapped up, we found ourselves at the House of Blues for the closing ceremonies. The food was amazing and the drinks flowed into the night: house_of_blues As morning arrived, it was the time to say our goodbyes and call it a wrap on the 2013 cPanel conference.  We then saw this sign, reminding us that we'll be doing it all again next year, back in the hometown shared by HostGator and cPanel: cpanel2014 Thanks again to our friends at cPanel! We'll see you next year! To see more behind-the-scenes pictures, please visit our Instagram page.
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  • Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

    Thursday, September 19, 2013 by
    Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Avast all ye skallywags and sea-wenches!  This be a very special day, yes it do!  Wednesday, September 19th be "International Talk Like a Pirate Day!"  It be a very special day!  For on this day we asked ourselves a question, and to our own surprise that question was not "where be the rum?!"
    No, for on this day we asked ourselves "what be the most 'pirate' discount that we could be giving?"  The answer became clear, as if it t'was delivered upon our shoulder by our own parrot, aye!  The most "pirate" discount was none other than 44.44% off all new hosting packages.  Ahoy!  That be 44.44rrrrrrr percent, matey!  And it be off the first invoice only, what means is the longer billing cycle you choose, the more savings you get, aye! This discount be valid on any new hosting package, yes it do.  It don't be valid for renewals or extensions of existing hosting packages.  To take advantage of this offer (today only), simply use the followin' coupon code: ARRRSNAP After settlin' on that, we then thought to ourselves that discounted domains go mighty fine with discounted hosting, yes they do.  They go together just as well as plunderin' do with pillagin'!  As such, we decided to make all new .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info domains only $5 today! Now, these deals they don't be lastin' long; they be pullin' anchor and settin' sail for the horizon at 11:59PM CST tonight!