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  • Happy 12th Birthday, Snappy!

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014 by
    It seems like only yesterday that our beloved blue gator was crawling around the swamp, still in diapers. Oh, how time flies!
    Twelve years ago today, the domain was registered and thus Snappy was born. We like to mark this occasion each year with a something special. This year we’re extremely happy to officially announce our new Texas datacenter! All new hosting accounts are now being provisioned right here in Houston, Texas, at CyrusOne! CyrusOne features redundant power and cooling, along with state-of-the-art security and virtually everything one could ask for in a new datacenter. We're very proud to be back home in Texas with CyrusOne! Not only are we in a brand new data center, but Snappy is offering special discounts in celebration of his birthday! All new hosting plans with 6-month billing cycles are 65% off. All new hosting plans with billing cycles of other than 6-months are 45% off. There's even more great birthday news! Existing customers are welcome to take advantage of these discounts as well, please see this FAQ for full information. To sign up, simply visit! This sale ends at 11:59p CST tonight (Wednesday, October 22, 2014). Happy birthday, Snappy!
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  • HostGator Brazil & The World Cup

    Saturday, July 5, 2014 by

    It has been almost 3 weeks since the World Cup started in Brazil, with the first round bringing a lot of surprises and countless emotions experienced by fans all over the world. Great teams have gone back home earlier than expected while other teams have overcome everyone's expectations by doing a great job.

    Brazil team is still competing and we, Brazilians, could not be more excited, after all the World Cup is being held in our country. Moreover, this is our chance to become a six-time soccer champion, a position that has never been achieved by any team.

    The fact is that soccer is more than just a sport in Brazil. It is the most loved one. Soccer makes no differentiation, attracting people from all classes, ages and genders. It is a promising career to ones, a hobby to others and the favorite sport for the most of us. And every four years, it unites the whole country, making us proud of being Brazilians.

    The excitement could not be different in HostGator's Brazil office! We have got all prepared for the Brazil games, with Snappy joining us and cheering for Brazil as well. He has a big heart! ;)


    We know Brazil soccer team has a big challenge ahead with so many good teams to play with, but if the results depend on our desire to win, Brazil has already won.

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  • Behind The Scenes At The HostGator Video Shoot

    Sunday, June 1, 2014 by

    HostGator recently filmed our first-ever live action advertisement featuring Snappy. We thought it'd be fun to share with you some of the behind-the-scenes action. The actual filming was done at our Austin office and features several actual HostGator employees, as well as a couple of professional actors (because we host websites way better than we act, true story).

    The first shot of the day involved some Snappy stunt work in front of a green screen, in order to utilize some movie magic in post production. You'll see the results of this shot in the final video (of course), but this is what it looked like in real life. And yes, that's basically just Snappy sideways on an office chair:


    While we won't be giving away the actual plot of the video here, it did involve the creation of a fictional hosting company. "OnHold Hosting - we'll get to you... sometime":


    OnHold Hosting, it turns out, does not encourage a very clean working environment. In fact, their desks are downright gross:


    Here's a final shot from OnHold Hosting. There's quite a lot going on in this picture: lights, sound, camera... and Snappy's leg:


    Once we wrapped on OnHold Hosting, it was time to walk down the hallway to HostGator! Admittedly, that is a professional actor in the center, but he is flanked by two real-life HostGator employees:


    Here's what things looked like from the other side of the camera:


    Snappy, being ever-helpful, was always happy to wipe the brow of a hard-working HostGator support agent... or at least an actor playing a hard-working HostGator support Agent that recently had water sprayed on his forehead to simulate sweat:


    We were down to the final shot of the day; Snappy, of course, was ready for his close-up:


    And then, after a long day in front of the camera, Snappy was ready for his nap:


    Thank you to all the folks who made it happen, from the production team and the actors, to the HostGator staff who all pitched in to make it a success. That's a wrap!:


    And without further ado, here is the world premier of the brand new HostGator advertisement:

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  • American Red Cross And The Tour Du Rouge

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014 by
    We are happy to announce HostGator is celebrating our 5th year sponsoring the Tour du Rouge, benefiting the American Red Cross.  The Tour du Rouge is a 533 mile bicycle ride from Houston to New Orleans, spanning 6 days (May 4th - 9th, 2014).
    Tour du Rouge Snappy
    In recognition of not only the overall cause, but the dedication of the riders and volunteers that make this event possible, we wanted to do something a little bit extra this year.  Today only, all new hosting accounts are 50% off and new domains are starting at just $4 per year; on top of that, we are donating $1 to the American Red Cross for every new hosting package signed up for as part of this promotion. The American Red Cross provides a myriad of services, from disaster relief assistance to emergency contact for military personnel with their families, as well as community outreach programs such as CPR/First Aid training and swimming lessons.  Ultimately, what the Red Cross does is help people and save lives. The Tour du Rouge directly benefits the Red Cross chapters in the Gulf Coast, essentially the region directly through which the cyclists travel on their journey. What began in 2009 with sixty-three riders, has now grown to 200 riders and hundreds of additional volunteers.  This event is about real people helping real people overcome challenges and otherwise preparing individuals to act appropriately in emergency situations.  HostGator is so proud to be involved with such an event.  We invite you to become involved as well. Today you can get a great deal on a new hosting package and help us to help so many more people: sign up now!
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  • HostGator Proudly Sponsors 2014 Tour Du Rouge

    Monday, March 24, 2014 by
    HG_tour_du_rouge The Tour du Rogue is a 533 mile bicycle ride, from Houston to New Orleans, benefiting The American Red Cross. HostGator is proudly celebrating it's fifth year sponsoring the ride. From May 4th - 9th this year, the riders (including some HostGator employees) will brave the elements, and possibly even some real alligators throughout the swamps of Louisiana, in order to raise money for the Red Cross.
    The Tour du Rouge is something that is very close to HostGator's collective heart. From disaster relief to blood donation, and a myriad of services in-between, The American Red Cross provides valuable service to our friends and neighbors in the Gulf Coast region and beyond. Many HostGator employees are cycling enthusiasts and enjoy the challenge of this annual ride, you may have seen our past coverage of the event: We are doing something extra special this year in support of the cause as well, and we wanted to go ahead and make the announcement here on our blog. For one day only, tomorrow March 25th, not only are we having a special sale on all new hosting accounts and domains, but we're also donating an additional $1 from every account signed up for via this promotion to The American Red Cross. Full details will be announced at midnight tonight, but if you've been thinking about signing up for a new hosting account, or registering a new domain, then you can do so while also helping out a great cause all day tomorrow!
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