Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a one-person business, webinars open the virtual door for a brand to connect with its audience. You can easily enter the homes and offices of potential customers.

Webinars—recorded or live—make it possible to demonstrate your brand’s expertise to thousands of people at once. Moreover, hosting a webinar is less expensive than planning an in-person event. 

Ready to get started? Check out these seven WordPress webinar plugins for your business.

1. WP GoToWebinar 

Webinars help transform how you interact with your audience. They can assist with establishing a better connection between brand and customer. Ada Durzyńska, a content marketer, offers her insight: 

“Web presentations and conferences are a highly interactive form of marketing and can be used as a relationship-building or authority-building tactic. But the possibilities are endless.”

WP GoToWebinar allows you to display upcoming webinars from your GoToWebinar account in a table, calendar, or widget format. Using simple shortcodes you can even place webinars or registration forms on any WordPress post or page. Google reCaptcha support reduces spam registrations, too.

wp gotowebinar table schedule of future webinars

This WordPress webinar plugin comes with smart caching to boost loading times for your visitors. It also updates automatically to display your latest webinars for a zero-maintenance experience.

2. eRoom

To ensure you sign up more webinar attendees, you’ll want to send multiple email reminders before the event. Research shows that “36% of [webinar] registrations occur between 8-10 am.” So, it’s in your best interest to email potential participants early in the morning.

eRoom lets you create and manage meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard. This comprehensive tool is perfect for educational institutions, consulting firms, and remote teams to offer virtual lectures or to just diversify content.

The WordPress plugin includes an intuitive admin panel to effortlessly adjust settings. You can use shortcodes and modules to add meetings to any page on your site.

eroom webinar plugin reports

Zoom engagement reports are available for you to track the performance of your webinars. With this plugin, you also can sell your webinars as WooCommerce products.

3. WebinarPress

Without any technical expertise, WebinarPress makes it possible for you to host live and automated webinars from your website. The WordPress plugin includes fully responsive pages, allowing participants to attend your webinar from any desktop or mobile device.

webinarpress wordpress plugin

Your webinar shouldn’t replace the in-person experience. Shane Barker, a digital marketing consultant, provides his perspective:

“Webinars largely rely on audio and visual materials to demonstrate their content. Slides filled with text will not do the trick. In fact, the best webinars should feel more similar to the face-to-face experience, you should require presenters to use their webcam while presenting.”

With WebinarPress, you can answer live questions from participants via video or through the Q&A feature. There’s also an option to collect the names and email addresses of attendees and then import them to your email service provider.

4. WebinarIgnition

99firms reports that “60-minute webinars attract more attendees than 30-minute webinars.” Your attendees may prefer in-depth content during webinars. So, you’ll want to provide real-world examples, easy-to-read graphics, and thorough explanations when presenting your information.

WebinarIgnition is a one-a-of-kind webinar solution for first-time and advanced users. The plugin gives you full control to build and customize professional webinar registration and confirmation pages along with live webinar and replay pages. 

You can send email and text reminders to participants, and you can even monitor the number of attendees on your webinar in real-time. The Q&A/Chat integration makes it convenient to ask participants questions. 

signup form for webinar using webinarignition wordpress pluging

Plus, you can charge your participants a fee to attend your webinars. Integrating with multiple payment gateways, you can track your sales and conversions.

5. Webinara

Webinara helps you create webinars and events with similar functionality as WordPress posts. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to add tags, build custom templates, and display webinar listings. You’ll get in-built multiple categories to organize your webinars, too.

webinara webinars display similarly to blog posts in wordpress

Webinar promotion is critical to getting people registered for your event.

With this WordPress webinar plugin, you can promote your webinars on multiple platforms to gain more exposure, including Webinara.com, GoToWebinar, Zoom, Onstream, and ReadyTalk.

6. Video Conferencing with Zoom

You’ll want to host your webinars when it’s best for your audience. So, Friday nights when folks are catching up with their friends might not be the way to go. A study found that “Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to host webinars.” Try these days first, then experiment with others to find your sweet spot.

Video Conferencing with Zoom allows you to create Zoom meetings as posts directly from your WordPress dashboard. To help attendees, the start time and join links display in their local time. Your webinar recordings also will display in your Zoom account.

video conferencing with zoom for wordpress

This plugin is developer-friendly in case you want to customize a specific feature. It comes with several add-ons to sell your webinars.

7. Jitsi Meet

Every webinar is a new adventure for your brand. After you host a few, it’s important that you get honest feedback from your attendees on how to improve. 

“Be sure to ask the attendants what they like and disliked about your webinar, as well as areas for improvement. You can use the information to modify your next webinar’s content and make it more effective,” writes Mitt Ray, a guest blogger at Mention.

Jitsi Meet offers a simple webinar solution for WordPress. You can host live webinars and online classes directly from your WordPress website without any email or verification hassles.

jitsimeet wordpress webinar plugin

The plugin includes a built-in Gutenberg block and video configuration to change the frame height and width. You also can use a shortcode to add webinars to your site.

Create an Amazing Online Experience with WordPress Webinar Plugins

Webinars are an effective way to educate your audience and bring awareness to your brand. Use the above-mentioned WordPress webinar plugins to host and manage your next online event.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.