Schema markup is a powerful SEO tool that helps search engines identify and categorize your website content. In return, visitors can find accurate information about your site in the search results.

Most websites fail to add schema markup because it’s a tedious process, if done manually. But fortunately, plugins now exist to make the task painless.

Do you need more details? In this post, you’ll learn more about schema markup along with six of the best WordPress schema plugins.

What Are Schema Markup & Rich Snippets?

Schema markup is a form of microdata that creates a description of your website for search results. The search engine interprets the results of a query with the help of schema. 

“The whole point of structuring your data is to communicate better with search engines like Google. When Google understands entities on a deeper level, it serves better results to searchers,” says Luke Harsel, a content team member at SEMrush.

Rich snippets are an enhanced version of schema markup. It displays additional information about a website, like reviews, ratings, and photos. For instance, a recipe snippet may include information about the time to prepare the dish, dish ratings, and recipe images.

google recipe rich snippet example

The Top 6 Schema Plugins for WordPress

WordPress offers several types of schema plugins to boost your website content in the search results. Check out the six schema plugins for WordPress below.

1. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

SEMrush found that 56% of Fortune 500 companies were not using any microdata schema markups at all. This opportunity gap opens the door for your website to outrank competitors.

With Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP, you add rich snippets based om guidelines. The plugin offers more than 35 schema types, ranging from blog posts to news articles to products. 

The conditional display field feature allows you to include or exclude any posts or pages. You also can import data from other schema plugins. 

If you’re using the Gutenberg WordPress editor, you can create your own content with the blocks and the JSON schema markup will be added automatically.  Priority support is available with the Premium version of the tool, too.

2. Schema

schema wordpress plugin

Schema is a powerful WordPress plugin allowing for easy implementation of multiple schema types, like reviews, events, and recipes. It gives search engines only the important details to display in search result snippets.

“Rich results are the extra pieces of information and interactive features shown on a search result page. In addition to the regular black lines of meta description text, a search result can be enhanced with product information like prices or reviews, or extra navigational tools like breadcrumbs or site search,” writes Edwin Toonen, a strategic content specialist for Yoast.

Plus, when social media fans share your Facebook links, this tool helps Facebook display your correct site information. You also can upgrade to the Pro version to get advanced targeting rules, custom fields, and full compatibility with Yoast SEO.

3. WPSSO Core

WPSSO Core plugin

Search Land Engine reports that nearly 50% of consumers use voice for web search. Most of the answers via voice search were marked up with some form of schema. It’s highly valuable to add schema to capture this segment of visitors.

The WPSSO Core plugin provides schema markup for Facebook posts, Pinterest rich pins, Twitter cards, mobile web browsers, and rich snippets. This tool uses your existing WordPress content, plugin data, and service API data. So, you don’t have to manually re-enter descriptions, titles, product information, and images.

The WordPress plugin settings also include customization to fit different languages. You can easily change text, images, and videos to match the language of your audience. Free add-ons are available to manage FAQ categories and mobile app information.

4. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin

The WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin helps both novices and advanced SEO specialists properly implement structured data and schema on your website. You have the flexibility to manually customize your schema page-by-page, along with general sitewide schema settings.

Because you can accurately configure the data, you communicate to search engines exactly what you want to appear in results. Sarah Kershaw, a search analyst based in New York, offers more insight:

“Schema is one of the few solutions to focus the search engine crawlers on the content the matters. By marking up your site content in this way, you are telling the crawlers about the most important component of your business.”

This WordPress plugin offers a Pro version with an auto-fill function, custom post types, and multisite support. Extra schema is also available for books, courses, and job postings.

5. Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data plugin

Using on-page SEO, like structured data, Neil Patel increased his search traffic by over 300%. Consistent use of schema allows more visitors to find your content in the search results.

When you install the Schema App Structured Data plugin, schema markup is automatically created for all your pages, posts, and category content. You also can customize page and post schema through default settings or by directly editing the generated JSON-LD.

This tool comes with three Google site structure features: breadcrumbs, sitelinks searchbox, and site name. You can upgrade to the Schema App Tools for extended optimization. Depending on the plan, you’ll receive health checks, competitive crawls, and enhanced analytics.

6. FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts 

FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts plugin

FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts transforms your questions and answers into schema without any coding experience. Just copy and paste the desired information into your WordPress page. Then, after saving the page, the JSON-LD schema will appear in the head of your page.

“When considering adding the FAQ schema markup, it’s important to understand Google’s content guidelines. The first and most obvious guideline is that the page must have a list of questions with their answers attached,” writes Abhishek Shah, the co-founder of Ally Digital Media.

With this plugin, you can build on-page accordion FAQs and mass export multiple page FAQs from a spreadsheet for easy editing. There’s also a YouTube tutorial available if you need additional assistance.

Increase Your Search Engine Visibility With Schema

Schema markup makes it easier for search engines to interpret your content, so visitors can conveniently find your website. Simplify this SEO process by using WordPress schema plugins. 

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