The purpose of your website is to engage visitors. With interactive content like quizzes, you can connect with your visitors and add them to your lead funnel. 

A quiz is a powerful tool for getting to know your audience without being intrusive. Asking simple (and funny) questions can build a brand relationship. It also removes the monotony of having your visitor read another blog post.

WordPress plugins make it possible to add quizzes to your website. Check out these seven plugins below to enhance the visitor experience.

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1. WP Quiz

Interactive content generates more than twice the conversions for your sales pipeline than passive content. The WP Quiz plugin helps you usher in new leads with professional and engaging quizzes, polls, and surveys.

This plugin offers multiple options to create unique quizzes. You can add video, text, images, or a combination of all three to any poll. You can place your quiz on a single page or extend it across several pages. The image credit option also lets you acknowledge the content creator. 

wp quiz plugin

WP Quiz comes with a restart feature for quiz takers to clear their results and start over. When done, they can use the social media buttons to share their quiz results with family and friends.

2. Quiz and Survey Master 

Quiz and Survey Master is the ultimate choice for seamlessly integrating quizzes, surveys, and polls into your website. From customer satisfaction surveys to employee polls, you can customize the experience for your quiz takers. Jodi Harris, the director of editorial content and curation at the Content Marketing Institute, expresses why this matters:

“Interactive content enables users to personalize and participate in the content presented to them. By helping consumers see themselves in the brand experience, the technique offers the potential to deepen engagement and drive greater satisfaction.” 

This WordPress quiz plugin lets you select a number of question formats, including multiple-choice, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and fill-in-the-blank. To make it easier for the quiz taker, you can even enable hints for each question. There’s also the option to set up time limits on each quiz.

quiz and survey master wordpress plugin

3. Quiz Cat

SnapApp reports that 53% of content marketers use interactive content to influence the buyer’s journey. Quizzes can engage your website visitors and move them into the sales funnel. With the Quiz Cat plugin, you can create remarkable content to capture qualified leads. 

This WordPress plugin offers a built-in landing page for each quiz with a headline, subheadline, image, and “Start Quiz” button. You can set up as many quizzes as you desire, and your quizzes can include multiple-choice questions with two to four possible answers.

wordpress quiz cat plugin

Quiz Cat lets you create a custom message to display when your visitors complete the quiz, helping you build a more personalized experience. Plus, you can use WordPress shortcodes to embed the quiz into any post or page.

4. HD Quiz 

HD Quiz gives you the power to create unlimited unique quizzes for your website. You can add featured images and tooltips to every question. Also, quiz takers can share their quiz results on Facebook and Twitter.

“Interactive content increases your chances of going viral—or at least getting more exposure. And if you deliver a satisfying, enjoyable, entertaining, or educational experience, you’ll win viewers’ loyalty,” states Mike Kamo, CEO and co-founder of Hello Bar and Neil Patel Digital. 

You can configure the plugin to randomize both the order of the questions and the answers. To make the quiz extra challenging, you can set a time limit on the quiz. Lastly, get creative by adding animated GIFs, images, and links to your quiz. 

hd quiz wordpress plugin

5. Riddle Quiz Maker

Riddle Quiz Maker is a WordPress plugin for building quizzes, personality tests, and surveys. Users rave about the tool’s easy-to-use interface and customizability. 

The plugin offers 14 different types of surveys, quizzes, and polls. With more than 75 customization options, you can personalize your quiz to match your website’s colors and fonts. It also includes built-in image editing to crop or add a filter to a picture. Go viral by adding social sharing buttons to your quizzes. 

riddle quiz maker wordpress plugin

Riddle Quiz Maker comes with branching logic to show different questions to each quiz taker. You can collect visitors’ email addresses and add them to your lead pipeline. Then, you can automatically export those leads into your CRM software. 

6. Watu Quiz 

Watu Quiz is a feature-rich WordPress plugin offering several ways to create quizzes and exams. You can set up a quiz with required questions or have them pulled from a pool of questions. A basic bar chart is available to show quiz takers their points vs. the average points from others.

“These quizzes not only boost engagement—they also help you get to know your audience. So the next time you construct a quiz, ask yourself what you’d like to know about them. You may gain some essential insights,” says Amy Balliett, co-founder and CEO of Killer Visual Strategies.

watu quiz wordpress plugin

The plugin also notifies you when someone takes a quiz. You get a list of who took the exam along with their answers. Then, you can export the results to a CSV file to add to your CRM.

7. Chained Quiz

Quizzes serve as a pathway to connect website visitors with your content. Adding quizzes to your WordPress website is easy with Chained Quiz.

Chained Quiz is a conditional logic quiz plugin designed to determine the next question based on the previous answer. You get an unlimited number of quizzes, questions, and results. Each question can be answered with radio buttons, checkboxes, or a text box.

chained quiz wordpress plugin

This WordPress quiz plugin also lets you assign points to each answer. Depending on the number of points accumulated, the quiz can direct the person to a specific results page. It’s a unique way to guide potential customers into a particular buyer’s journey.

Build Your Sales Funnel with WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quizzes are an effective way to engage your website visitors and capture new leads. Get creative by asking relevant questions and adding high-quality images to your quizzes. It’s simple to do with these WordPress quiz plugins.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.