benefits of using a website security checker

Website security isn’t usually something we think about until it’s too late.

Think of securing your website like securing your home where things like locks, security cameras, and alarm systems help to keep you protected. The same can be said for your website.

By using a website security checker and a reliable hosting company you’re keeping your website secure, which not only benefits your website but your users as well.

Below you’ll learn what a website security checker actually does, and the benefits it can bring to your website.


What Does a Website Security Checker Do?

A website security scanner will regularly check and monitor your site to look for any security weaknesses. Typically, these scans happen on a regular basis and a security tool will check for known threats, malware, and blacklists to ensure there aren’t any issues.

If a problem does arise, say your site is infected with malware, you’ll receive an alert and be given the best course of action to take to clean up and protect your site.

Most of these tools will also be able to remove any viruses, malware, and other security threats that might be compromising your site. Unless you’re a security expert, finding and removing these is going to be near impossible.

Most website security scanners will also be equipped with features like:

  • Regular site backups, in case you need to restore your site to a previous uninfected version.
  • An integrated firewall to protect your site from SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks, and dreaded comment spam.

Put simply, a website security checker will regularly scan your site for security issues, remove any malware or other threats, and employ different tactics to keep your site safe and secure on a regular basis.


4 Benefits of Using a Website Security Checker

Without a website security checker, you’re leaving your site open to attack. Hacking does happen, and it can have some unfortunate consequences if you’re the target.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest benefits you’ll receive when you use a website security checker:


1. No Chance of a Reputation Nightmare

Keeping your visitor’s trust is important. There are a lot of things you can do to improve visitor trust, like having an authoritative design, producing high-quality content, creating an intuitive user experience, and never spamming.

However, even if you’re doing all of these, having your site hacked is a one-way ticket towards destroying all that trust you’ve built. This is why protecting your site is key. 

Imagine a visitor goes to your site while your traffic is being hijacked and they’re sent to a site that installs malware on their computer. Or, imagine you go to your site and your links all redirect to a spammy site. Or, even worse, imagine a hacker steals all of your sensitive customer data.

All of these scenarios are real. But, they can be protected by using a website security checker.

This security tool will help to protect your site from the above issues and more. If a web security threat arises it’ll be taken care of before it becomes an issue.

HostGator SiteLock Malware Protection2. Regular Protection From Security Vulnerabilities

There are a lot of threats out there on the internet. Most websites aren’t 100% protected, as most software and CMS have security vulnerabilities.

By keeping all of your software, plugins, themes, and apps up to date you’re defended against known security risks, but what about unknown risks?

With a security checker, you’re protected against present and future risks – all without having to take care of it yourself.


3. Complete Peace of Mind

Imagine being able to rest at complete ease knowing your site is always protected.

With a website security checker, you’ll never have to worry about logging into your site, only to find it compromised.

It’s simple. Your site will always be protected, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Just let the software do its job.


4. Improved Site Performance

If your site is experiencing a DDoS attack or has a malware infection, it will not function properly. In some cases, it won’t function at all.

A website security checker will not only protect against threats that’ll slow down your site but usually, there are built-in features that’ll improve your site’s performance as well.

For instance, by utilizing a CDN you’re not only improving the web security of your site, but you’re improving its performance as well.


Stay Secure with a Website Security Checker

Using a website security checker will help to keep your site safe and secure without any added work on your end. Remember, it’s never too early to start thinking about the security of your site.

For HostGator customers, we recommend Sitelock. It doesn’t just scan for malware; it removes it immediately.

SiteLock is a website security checker tool available for HostGator websites. Did you know more than 15% of websites have malware in the course of the year? With SiteLock, you don’t have to worry about being part of that statistic. SiteLock automatically removes malware, monitors file changes, and sends you alerts via email or your control panel. All you have to do is focus on your business.

Keep in mind that a website security checker is one of many options you can use to keep your site secure. Some users prefer to use WordPress user roles and other tools along with their security checker to stay protected. 

For further recommendations on WordPress security plugins and virus removal tools, call our customer service today.

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