Are You Creating Deep Connections With Your Customers_

Are there any brands you love so deeply you wouldn’t know what to do if they suddenly vanished? This could be your favorite brand of coffee, the type of computer your use, or even something as simple as the style of pen you love to write with. The examples are endless and I bet there are lot of companies you maintain a nonsensical love for.

The reason this connection exists is because you feel supported and loved, you feel like this company speaks for you and gets you in some deeper way. As humans we crave this connection and need to be seen. If you can create this level of bond with your customers and clients you’ll find yourself with an army that’s willing to stand behind everything you do.

The good news is it all starts with developing and nurturing a deep connection with your audience — all of us are capable of doing this.


Know Yourself First

Without knowing your company on a deep level you won’t have a backbone on which to base this relationship. You may know exactly what you’re selling, or the service you’re offering, but you still need to uncover your deeper operating principles. Once you know the deeper values you stand for you can bring these to light for your customer to see.

For example, you may simply sell exercise equipment for women. But, really you’re selling the feeling of having the beautiful body that you adore. Connecting with this desire will give you a lot of momentum moving forward. Find your deep why and don’t be afraid to communicate it.


Understand To Whom You’re Speaking

Every company has an ideal customer they’re going to be speaking to. It’s your job to know this person inside and out. What are their core desires? How do they want to feel when they’re done interacting with you? Does your company give them any social boost?

You’ll need to go beyond demographics and truly get into their head and emotional states.


Create Memorable Experiences

When you think back to an astonishing experience you had with a company, I bet it stands out because it’s extremely memorable. They did something that was above and beyond the norm.

You’ll want to create these experiences for your customers. Especially early on in your relationship. A good rule of thumb is delight early and often.


Take A Stand For Your Loyal Customers

Do you have any customers that have been with you a long time? A great way to deepen this relationship is by rewarding them for standing by your side so long. This can be something as simple as a customer loyalty program. Or, you can go above and beyond the norm and create a totally unique reward. It’s entirely up to you.


Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Sometimes you’ll make mistakes. This can be a marketing campaign gone awry, a product that you don’t feel good about, or a simple email exchange that was misinterpreted.

Recognizing that you’ve failed and moving forward in a powerful manner is how you’ll strengthen these bonds with your customers. Admit where you were wrong, learn from your mistakes and start to move in a powerful direction.

The bond you form with your customers is one of the most important parts of your business. Take the time to nourish this relationship and your business will thank you.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.