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Wanna look at cool cat memes to avoid your next project? Or laugh at a mashup of people falling down? Yeah, social media has your back. But one of the things we love most about social media is the community it creates. 

You can learn to do just about anything on social media. If you want to learn to code (#CodeNewbies) or want to make some connections (#programmingisfun) that you can hit up when you’re stumped on a bug, here are some of our faves. 

Follow these Twitter accounts for some sweet coding genius. 

1. @techjunkiejh

Tech Junkie says “coding should be fun. How you think is just as important as what you think.” We couldn’t agree more, Tech Junkie. Follow Tech Junkie if you want some actionable tips and step-by-step guidance for coding. Regular tweets include coding tips, gaming and tech industry news, all the way to business and culture. 

screenshot from TechJunkie on Twitter

2. @iamn1khil

New to coding? So is Nikhil. Sorta. We love self-taught, Javascript-enthusiast Nikhil because he’s just trying to figure it out like you are. Follow Nikhil for a thoughtful, unpretentious, and sometimes funny approach to coding. 

screenshot from Nikhil on Twitter

3. @ravinwashere

Ravin’s page is a great place to land for coding shortcuts. He shares useful blogs and boils down ‘best ofs’ into “quick hits” lists. Can you handle his CSS quiz? Or his ‘comment the output of this code’ challenges? Either way, he’s got a positive and encouraging vibe. And we dig it. 

screenshot from Ravinwashere on Twitter

4. @codinghorror

Not only is Jeff Atwood the cofounder or Stackoverflow (an open community for anyone who codes), this unapologetic geek shares knowledge from all aspects of coding and tech. And sometimes he’s just downright funny. 

screenshot from CodingHorror on Twitter

5. @codepo8

@codepo8, aka Chris Heilmann, is an experienced and well-respected JS coder. Plus, he works for Microsoft, so this dude knows his stuff. Follow him for some tricks on debugging, speaking gigs, and the occasional meme. 

screenshot from codepo8 on Twitter

6. @DanEnglishby

Dan Englishby is a full stack developer and self-proclaimed Javascript visualisation enthusiast. Oh yeah and he’s the founder of @codewallblog, which is like the best place for web developers & programmers. Dan shares training, courses and bootcamp opportunities with a focus on web dev. Go here when you’re looking for challenges and training ops.

screenshot from Dan Englishby on Twitter

7. @_100DaysOfCode

100 Days of Code is a pretty cool challenge once you’ve got some chops. The deal? Code at least 1 hour every day for 100 days. Follow along with #100DaysofCode to see all the peeps who publicly committed to the challenge. And tweet us when you’ve got the guts to take on this challenge. 

screenshot from 100 Days of Code Twitter

8. @CodeNewbies

The name says it all. This is a community where you can sync up with other newbs and get tips when you’re starting out. There are frequent chats where you can get your own coding question answered. Or maybe help out someone else. 

screenshot from Code Newbies on Twitter

9. @meyerweb

Eric Meyer is a CSS guy. But also he’s a leading advocate for web standards. That’s like a fancy way to say the how, why, and what you should be doing when you code for the web. 

screenshot from MeyerWeb on Twitter

10. @iamdevloper

And when you really just want a break from it all or need a quick laugh to keep your brain from overloading, check out @iamdevloper. Code can be frustrating (because it’s so detail oriented) and I Am Devloper takes the best of everyone’s frustrations and makes it fun again. 

Screenshot from Iamdevloper on Twitter

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