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The world’s largest search engine has established an impressive reputation for delivering quality data to relevant search queries. Between their extensive index and ubiquitous adoption, it’s no wonder the behemoth has risen to the top. But while the average user is searching for flan recipes and movie quotes, marketers have at their fingertips a bevy of useful tools for improving their efforts and gaining insight into their market.

Google Trends

Understanding the cultural milieu of particular terms or trends is valuable when crafting copy or photographic content. To this end, Google provides the ability to check the frequency of searches by date. Top terms by category can be viewed in charts and the Explore function enables a chronological documentation of a term’s frequency in search queries. Between these views, marketers will have a better understanding of the zeitgeist and can avoid hitting any hot button terms in the process.

Google Public Data Explorer

Understanding the public requires comprehensive data. Thanks to Google Public Data Explorer, marketers can peruse census data, unemployment rates, and any other publicly released information from international governments in line graph, bar graph, or scatter-plot form. With the ability to compare and contrast critical data between countries, you now have the ability to target your marketing and product positioning toward appropriate economic and social conditions.

Google Correlate

The strength of data lies not in isolation, but in the ability to compare it for context. Google Correlate provides this capability, showing the trends in search results over the course of a few years or a few months. In a curious, though creative, feature, users of the solution can draw their own line graph and see search terms that match that pattern, thus providing the potential to determine seasonal trends or year-to-year fads.

Webmaster Tools

Managing online efforts can be difficult, especially when your carefully crafted website is working poorly. Google Webmaster Tools gives you the necessary functionality to check site health, monitor valuable analytics, and run crawl requests to make sure your assets and articles are properly indexed. In addition, the platform provides structured data tools that check the “micro data” of pages and previewing how they will render in Google’s search results.

Google Fonts

In an age of design-forward thinking, your copy needs to look as good as it reads. Google Fonts makes accessible a wide variety of high quality fonts that would previously require local installation to display. With this range of choices and easily accessed API, you’ll have more control over the aesthetic and readability of your web copy than ever before.

Google Ngram Viewer

If Google Trends doesn’t provide the kind of insight you’re looking for, then Ngram Viewer most certainly will. The project documents the appearance of words over the course of millennia, showing side-by-side comparisons at the user’s behest. This historical context can make a big difference when dipping into the past for reference or citation.


While marketing is not, at its heart, a programming endeavor, it certainly can benefit from a little knowledge. Marketers with an understanding of web code can help troubleshoot problems quicker and guide development efforts when the time arises. For those with an eye on the future and a penchant for the technical, Google’s Dart coding language provides an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging tech trend. The true benefit lies in its simplicity, as the company has designed it from the get-go as a language capable of understanding, even by beginning coders.

Google Think Insights

Not all of Google’s contributions boil down to raw data or code. Google Think Insights delivers a number of Ted-talk-esque treatises on changes in technology and business practices. Marketers with a desire to expand their horizons can examine the “Marketing Objectives” section for tailored advice, while a laundry list of tools provide key insights and lessons. Coupled with creative projects that teach highly-sought-after information, the platform constitutes a gold mine for ambitious marketers.

Get Your Business Online

If you find yourself in the passenger’s seat of commerce instead of the driver’s, then this is the section for you. The step-by-step tutorial helps teach you the importance of getting your business on the web, along with the best practices in doing so. The project is tailored at small businesses, with a declared intent to help boost the local economy and grow mom-and-pop’s shops. Along with cheap web hosting, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would pass up such a sterling opportunity.

Full Value of Mobile

If, instead, you’re an established business and want to expand your reach, then understanding mobile is crucial. The Full Value of Mobile page provides a useful calculator for businesses to help determine how much their mobile property is worth. In addition, the tool helps analyze how customers interact with your business, giving insight into effective leveraging of owned mobile properties.

Between these tools and the existing means of market research provided by the search giant, it appears that no stone has been left unturned. Exploration and comparison of public data can help guide distribution and advertising efforts. Proper coding, webmaster tools, and fonts provide more control over owned properties. Finally, Think Insights, GYBO, and Full Value of Mobile provide valuable information for a wide range of experience levels. With successful marketing pacing the growth and success of many companies these days, this toolkit can help lift the weight off your shoulders and give you confidence that you’re making the right call.

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