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What Can I Do About Redemption?

Options When Dealing with Redemption

If your domain enters redemption, you have the following options:

  1. Retrieve Your Domain from Redemption - If your domain is currently in redemption, you may be invoiced $75 plus the normal renewal fees to retrieve it.

  2. Accept a Refund for the Amount Paid for the Domain Name - This option is only applicable if you paid late without realizing your domain was in redemption or if you paid on time but failed to notify HostGator.

  3. Register a Different Domain Name - HostGator will be glad to help you find domain names with different TLDs or similar domain names. If you have already submitted payment to renew your domain, HostGator may apply the amount paid to the new domain.

  4. Wait for the Domain to be Released to the Public for Purchase - Unfortunately, HostGator does not know when an eNom domain will be released, nor will we be notified when this happens. You will simply need to attempt to register the domain name until you notice it is available. This could be any time from the day the domain goes into redemption up until the next expiration date.

Understanding the Problem at Hand

eNom Domains

After 29 days of being expired, eNom domains enter the redemption period. At this point, eNom requires $75.00 plus the normal renewal fee to renew the domain name. HostGator will request that you to pay this cost until the 30th day past expiration, after which the domain may no longer be available.

Once in redemption, the domain enters a 'Redemption Grace Period', which lasts for 30 days. During this time, the domain can still be renewed with the additional $75.00 redemption charge. Once the Redemption Grace Period ends, the registrar, eNom, may auction the domain to a higher bidder or release the domain so that it can be registered again. eNom will not announce when they do this, and they cannot be forced to do so.

LaunchPad Domains

While expired, a domain may be listed for sale on backorder at SnapNames.

After 35 days of being expired, (i.e. on the 36th day) the domain will leave the Renewal Grace Period where it will either enter a Redemption Period or be sold at Auction.

If no backorder bid was placed while within the Renewal Grace Period, the domain will then enter a "Redemption Grace Period" with HostGator on the 36th day past expiration, and which lasts for 42 days. While in redemption, the current owner can renew the domain for the normal renewal fee plus a $75.00 redemption fee. After 42 days in redemption, (i.e. on the 43rd day) the domain will be deleted where it will be released back to the public. Domain deletion lasts approximately 5 days and during this time the domain cannot be recovered or modified.

If the domain has received any backorder bids during expiration, it will be sent to auction at SnapNames.com on the 36th day past expiration. Once queued for auction, the domain will either be sold or deleted by the 42nd day after expiration, depending on whether or not the domain receives bids.

IMPORTANT: HostGator has absolutely no ability to stop/override this process or make an exception. If the customer wishes to bid, the customer will need to sign up at SnapNames.com and place a bid for their domain.

HostGator is NOT directly associated with SnapNames.com. Once a domain is put up for auction, HostGator loses all control of the domain.

Special Rules

We recommend acquiring the following TLDs by means of an eNom reseller account so that the domains may be set to auto-renew to ensure renewal; otherwise, the domain will go directly into redemption once expired.

  • .jp
  • .nl
  • .de
  • .es

To find out more about our eNom reseller accounts, please read: