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Managing VPS Account


All VPS accounts come with either KVM (VPS accounts purchased after April 13, 2021) or Virtuozzo (VZ) Power Panel on legacy VPS accounts (VPS accounts purchased before April 13, 2021) to manage the VPS container.

The Virtuozzo (VZ) Power Panel allows you to manage your VPS from a simplified panel through which you can restart your container and manage files; it does not function as a web hosting control panel. You will need to install or order an actual control panel.

While the VPS accounts have the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), you can directly manage files or reboot your container directly in the WHM. You can also reboot your container directly at the Customer Portal.

cPanel comes with your VPS order. If you've already completed your order, you can request to add control panels at any time by contacting us via phone or Live Chat with this request.


cPanel offers users the ability to manage their websites' content, DNS, and emails, as well as other settings and configurations on their Linux-based server.

For more information, please check our blog: What Is cPanel?

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