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Website Builder - How To Choose a Website Template

When it comes to getting started with using the HostGator Website Builder, you will need to select the template to use for your new website. This article will go over the process of how to select and apply a template to your Website Builder. Make sure to take the time in the beginning to select the right template! Trust us; it will save you time down the road.


Please note we're always working to improve our builder, so some videos may not look identical to your current editing experience. We will continue to update videos as we update the product. Check out our HostGator YouTube Channel to see the current listing of videos.


  1. Log into your Customer Portal.
  2. Click on Marketplace in the side menu.
  3. Find the Website Builder card and click Learn More.
  4. Click on the Add a Website button.
  5. Select the Website Builder plan that fits your needs. If you require to add a store to your website, select the Business Website Builder as this provides the features for e-commerce.
  6. Click Build Now! or Buy Now! based on the plan you select for your Website Builder.
  7. On the Add Website page, select the domain that you would like to use for this website from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Continue Purchase (even if it's the Basic free version).

    Select Domain to Add Website Builder

  9. Follow the prompts if you opted to purchase an upgraded Website Builder plan.
  10. Once your Website Builder Order is complete, click on Start Using.
  11. On the Choose a Template page, use the Category or Search field to find a specific template.

    HostGator Website Builder Select a Template

  12. As you review the templates, click on the Preview button to open the template in a new tab.
    Tip: Click and review ALL of the template pages in the preview. You'll find that the various pages include other layouts and elements that are available with that specific template.
  13. Once you have narrowed down your template selection, click the Select button to apply the template to your Website Builder.
    Warning: When you click the select button, you will be taken immediately to the editor without further confirmation.
  14. The Website Builder Editor will automatically load with the template and offer the Getting Started Tour.
  15. Don't forget to click Save and/or Publish in the upper right-hand menu when you are done creating or making changes on the website.

    HostGator Website Builder Save and Publish Buttons