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Tell Me About the Business Hosting Plan

The Business plan is our complete e-commerce solution for Shared web hosting.

The Business plan is a more powerful version of our Baby plan, built for small businesses. Though our Baby plan offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and hosting, the Business plan has something special to set it apart.

The Business plan can support hosting for unlimited domains. It includes more e-commerce features than a Baby plan, like a private SSL and Free SEO Tools, making it the perfect solution for creating an online store.

The Business plan includes:
No longer included:

Free Positive SSL Certificate

All Linux Business Hosting and Windows Enterprise Hosting Packages include a Positive SSL Certificate provided by Sectigo, free when requested yearly. To install your free SSL Certificate, please follow the directions in the article below.

You may request your free SSL for multiple years, to avoid needing to renew it, for an additional fee:

Free Positive SSL
Price (1 year)Free
Price (2 years)$45
Price (3 years)$90

If you have a Hatchling, Baby, or Personal Plan, you may upgrade your account to take advantage of the Free Private SSL Certificate by using the steps outlined at How Do I Upgrade My Account to a Better Plan? Once your account has been upgraded, please follow the above instructions to get your FREE private SSL.

Once you've purchased a Business plan, you can order the Positive SSL certificate directly from your Customer Portal at no charge. See the following article for the step-by-step directions:

To order the Free Dedicated IP address that is included with the plan, please contact us via phone or Live Chat to request one.

You may keep the SSL as long as you are hosting with HostGator; however, like all SSL certificates, the SSL must be renewed every year from the SSL Certificates icon in the Hosting tab of your Customer Portal.

Free Domain Registration

All newly purchased Linux Shared Hosting Packages, on a 12-month or longer billing cycle, include 1 Free Domain. After the first year, the domain will renew at the regular annual rate.

Free SEO Tools

HostGator includes the SEO Tools Start Plan for the Free SEO Tools within your Business Hosting Plan. The SEO Tools Start Plan is a ‘Do It Yourself’ SEO tool geared to help you increase your visibility online, drive more site traffic, and boost your online search rankings — beginning with a personalized step-by-step SEO plan. You can apply the Free SEO Tools for each domain hosted within your Business Hosting Plan. See the article HostGator SEO Tools for more information about what is included in the SEO Tools Start Plan.

Toll-Free Number

The Business plan no longer includes the VoipO Toll-Free Number. If you wish to have this service or if you already have the VoipO service, please contact them directly via sales@voipo.com for any inquiries.

How the Toll-Free Number Works

The toll-free number is a call forwarding only service and does not require any equipment or additional setup. To use the toll-free number, you will need to provide an existing U.S. or Canada based phone number where VOIPo can forward your calls. The toll-free number cannot forward to international numbers or to your computer.

You can change the number to which calls are forwarded at any time and view call history from within the control panel provided by VOIPo. The information for the VOIPo control panel will be provided shortly after signing up for the service.

The toll-free service does NOT offer voicemail or any other features normally offered with residential services, nor does it offer features such as faxing, PBX extensions, etc. The service only forwards callers to whichever number is provided by you.
Billing and Usage

There is no charge for the actual toll-free number; however, after the first 100 minutes each month, you will be invoiced 4.9 cents per minute directly by VOIPo via email. VOIPo has a seven day period for invoices to be paid online.

VOIPo will only bill for the minutes used over the first 100 minutes for the calendar month and do not separately bill for incoming and outgoing calls. This means that regardless of when you activate your service, you have 100 minutes for the month.

Receiving Calls

The toll-free number can only receive calls from the U.S. by default. If you want to enable calls from Canada, you can change the option in your VOIPo control panel. Please keep in mind that once activated, any calls received from Canada will be billed 6.9 cents per minute and are not included in the free first 100 minutes of your plan.

Please note: If you receive calls from the U.S., but the forwarding number is set to forward to a Canadian number, that is fine. It's still considered a U.S. call. Usage is billed based on where the incoming call originates.

The toll-free numbers that are issued must be called at least once every 30 days. Toll-free numbers with no calls within 30 days will be considered inactive and will be disconnected.

If you cancel your hosting package with HostGator or switch to a plan other than the Business plan, your toll-free number will be disconnected unless you contact VOIPo and make arrangements to continue service with them prior to the HostGator cancellation.

If you wish to have your number reactivated after it has been disconnected, please contact support@voipo.com to have your eligibility reviewed and to have a new number issued. Unfortunately, once a number has been disconnected, you cannot retrieve it.