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Software Versions - Windows


Windows Dedicated Server Software

To see a list of what is included with your Windows dedicated plan, visit our order page. You can see the main features there, and you can click the "Compare All Dedicated Servers" link to see even more programs.

Alternatively, you can view software on our Windows Shared Hosting Services.

Here is a list of some of the features available for Windows dedicated servers but not necessarily included with your purchase:

Operating SystemWindows Server 2019
Control Panel

Plesk Obsidian

Remote Desktop

Enabled (2 concurrent connections)


Advanced Windows Firewall
Custom IPsec Security Policy

Web Server

Microsoft IIS 10.0

SQL Server

MariaDB 10.5
Microsoft Access Database Support
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express

Note: Microsoft SQL Server can be upgraded to the following editions:
MSSQL 2019 Web Edition - $25/month
MSSQL 2019 Standard Edition - $325/month
MSSQL 2019 Enterprise Edition - $1025/month
Please contact us via phone or Live Chat if you would like to upgrade.

SQL Admin

phpMyAdmin 5.0.3

DNS Server

Windows DNS Server
* BIND DNS Server 9.10.2

FTP Server

Microsoft FTP Service 10.0

Mail Server

*SmarterMail Server 16 (Default on Windows Dedicated prior to July 2019 & Windows Shared)
* MailEnable 10.34 (Default on Windows Dedicated Servers starting July 2019)
Note: Limit of 250 Users for SmarterMail. Upgrades Available.


*SmarterMail Web Client 16 (Default on Windows Dedicated prior to July 2019 & Windows Shared)
* Horde 3.3.10
* MailEnable Web Client 10.34 (Default on Windows Dedicated Servers starting July 2019)

Web Statistics

AWStats 7.7, Webalizer v2.23-08
* SmarterStats 11.x

Web Scripting

Classic ASP 10.0, SSI 10.0, ASP.Net 3.5, 4.8)

* PHP 5.6- 8.1

** ColdFusion (Unsupported)


* JDK 8 (Unsupported)
* Apache Tomcat 9.0.x (Unsupported)

Backup Server

Plesk Scheduled Backup Services
Windows Backup Service

* Features available upon request with free installation. License is not provided.
** Requires a one-time installation fee. License is not provided.

Note: Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported by HostGator due to security reasons.