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SiteLock Complimentary Malware Scanner FAQ


HostGator has partnered with SiteLock to provide a complimentary malware scanner to help protect your website against security threats. Every day this tool checks the first five pages of your website for malware and sends you an alert via email if any is found.

SiteLock is your cyber sentry! Block the bad guys and be a security superhero! SiteLock provides automated malware removal, protects your brand's reputation, and defends your site from malicious attacks. Take advantage of these incredible features now!

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the complimentary scanner:

Who gets the Complimentary Malware Scanner?

All domains hosted on HostGator’s Shared Hosting, including Hatchling, Baby, and Business accounts, are automatically equipped with a SiteLock complimentary malware scanner.

Users hosting their sites on Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated Server packages should contact SiteLock directly for security services.

What does the Complimentary Malware Scanner do?

Your complimentary scanner is a lightweight HTTP (web visible) scan that inspects the first five pages of your website daily for malware. If it detects anything malicious or suspicious, it will immediately send you an email notification. This allows you to resolve the issue and avoid the consequences of a malware infection, including data theft, blacklisting by search engines, and website suspension.

While the complimentary scanner allows you access to the SiteLock Dashboard, it does not scan beyond the first five pages and does not automatically remove malware from your site.

SiteLock offers special discounts for HostGator customers interested in upgrading their website security to take advantage of premium features, such as automated website malware removal. Additional premium features include:

What are the benefits of the Complimentary Malware Scanner?

Your complimentary scanner protects your site by notifying you when it detects malicious or suspicious content. When you receive a malware notification via email, it will include options available to remove the malware and secure your site. Unaddressed malware infections could result in theft of data, search engine blacklisting, and website suspension.

Preventing website attacks is always easier and cheaper than repairing a site that has been infected with malware. While your complimentary scanner is great at finding malware on the first five pages of your site, it is a reactive solution to cyber threats, as it alerts you to the malware after you've been infected. Taking proactive measures to protect your website allows you to stay ahead of cybercriminals, cyberattacks, and new trends in malware and prevent infections from ever becoming an issue. If you would like to upgrade your website security to a more proactive or automated solution, check out the discounts on SiteLock plans available to HostGator customers: SiteLock Special Offer.

If your complimentary scanner detects a malware, you have easy and affordable options to remove it. Check out those options below:

How do I get the free scan?

Any domain on a shared hosting account (A Hatchling, Baby, or Business package) that does not currently have a SiteLock plan will be scanned automatically.

When and how often does the free scan occur?

The free scan occurs once a day per domain that does not have a SiteLock plan.

Can I opt-out of a free scanning service?

Yes. Contact HostGator via phone or Live Chat and request to opt-out of the SiteLock complimentary scanner. You can request to opt-out of receiving the free scanning for all domains or a specific domain on your accounts.