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Signing Up for Microsoft 365

Due to updates required for our current products and packaging for Microsoft, we are currently unable to offer Microsoft 365 at this time. If you purchased Microsoft Office 365 through HostGator, you can still manage your subscription through the Customer Portal. If you are interested in purchasing a professional email, you can sign-up for Google Workspace.

As we currently are no longer offering new signups for Microsoft 365, this article will only address items for those who have previously purchased this product. This article discusses the following topics:

Setting up Microsoft 365 DNS records

For Microsoft 365 to work, the domain where you want to activate Microsoft 365 must be connected to HostGator. If your domain is already using your HostGator name servers and you sign up for Microsoft 365, your email DNS records (MX records) will be automatically configured.

To connect your domain to HostGator, please check these articles for the instructions.

If your domain is not pointing to HostGator's name servers, you will need to configure your DNS settings in your hosting provider's (or registrar's) control panel. Here is Microsoft's documentation about locating and setting up your DNS records so you can use their email service.

Assigning user licenses

For you to activate your Microsoft 365 account and actually use its emails and other features, you need to complete the steps in assigning a user to its first license. If you skip this step, Microsoft will keep sending you notifications prompting you to complete this process.

Once an email address has been created, you can Assign Licenses. You will see all unassigned licenses within the Microsoft management dashboard. By clicking Assign Licenses, you will be prompted with a modal that provides:

  • A list view of all available licenses.
  • A subscription associated with each of the available licenses.
  • An option to purchase additional licenses at a new subscription level.

Here are helpful articles to guide you in exploring Microsoft 365.