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Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

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Beginning in 2020, HostGator customers will see that Microsoft has changed the name of Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365 and automatically enabled the security defaults for Microsoft 365 users. Enabling this security feature provides enhanced protection. Due to this security being enabled, Microsoft 365 admin users will need to set up multi-factor authentication for their organization, and each individual user must then configure the two-factor authentication for their account. The admin user must configure the organization's multi-factor authentication within the first 15 days of the Microsoft 365 account's creation.

If the admin user does not configure the multi-authentication setting within the initial 15 days and the account is locked, please contact us via phone or chat for further assistance.

Please reference the following resources for the admin and Microsoft 365 users to configure multi and two-factor authentication for Microsoft 365:

  • Admin User: As the admin user, please log in to the Microsoft admin center to enable the multi-factor authentication. This will give users the ability to configure two-factor authentication within their individual accounts. For further instructions, please reference Microsoft's article Set up multi-factor authentication.
  • Individual Microsoft 365 User: Log in to Microsoft Login Portal. Within your Microsoft 365 account, please follow the steps provided in Microsoft's Set up Two-Factor Authentication documentation to configure your account's two-factor authentication. The documentation will also address installing the Authenticator app for your mobile device. If you do not see the option for two-factor authentication available in your account, please check with your admin user to confirm they have enabled the multi-factor authentication for your organization.

In the process of setting up the two-factor authentication, the Microsoft 365 user will receive an app password. If the app password is not saved, please reference the following Microsoft article that provides steps on how to create a new app password: