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Microsoft 365: Initial Login and Password Reset

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Initial Login

Once you add Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to your hosting package and assign a user to the license, a temporary password will be provided. You will want to take note of for the first time that you log in to Microsoft 365.

For your security, HostGator is only able to provide you with temporary passwords. You will have to set the password you want to use permanently once you login to your Microsoft 365 account.

Obtaining a New Temporary Password

If one of your Microsoft 365 users needs their password reset, the administrator will need to take these steps to generate a new temporary password. Once the new password is created, the user will then reset when they login to Microsoft 365 next time.

  1. Log into the HostGator Customer Portal.
  2. In the Customer Portal, click on the Hosting tab.
    HostGator Billing Portal Hosting Tab
  3. Click Manage for the hosting package Microsoft 365 is associated with.
    HostGator Billing Portal Manage Package Button
  4. Scroll down to the Microsoft 365 tile and click the Manage button.
    Microsoft 365 Tile
  5. Click on Manage at the end of the line for the email address that needs a password reset. Then select Reset Password from the pop-up menu.
    Manage Microsoft 365 User
  6. Click on Yes, reset now to confirm you want to reset the password for that email address.
    Confirm Microsoft 365 User Password Reset
  7. While the system processes the reset, you will be presented with this window notifying you that the password is being reset and instructing you to provide the credentials to the user. These instructions are provided because the new temporary password will not be sent to the user.
    Microsoft 365 User Password Reset In Progress
  8. Once the password reset completes, the new password will be presented to you. To proceed, you must click the Copy button.
    Microsoft 365 User Password Reset Completed
  9. With new password copied to your clipboard, you can click Done , which will return you to the HostGator Customer Portal, orLog in to Microsoft 365 to go to the Microsoft Login Portal.
    Microsoft 365 User Password Copied To Clipboard


Note: If you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to live support phone or Live Chat.