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Showing Email Headers in Smartermail


When investigating mail bouncebacks or why a message was moved to the spam folder, it is helpful to have the mail headers for the affected message. You can find this information in Smartermail webmail by using the following steps:

  1. Log into Smartermail: Log into Smartermail with the account that received the message. This may be the sender in the case of a bounceback, or the recipient in the case of mis-filtered mail.

  2. Select Message: Select the message or bounceback that you need to view the headers for from your inbox.

  3. Click on View and select Raw Content: The View menu item will have a dropdown option. In the dropdown, select "Raw Content" to view the full header information.

Success! As shown in the image below, you now have the full headers for the message. The headers can be sent as a reply to a ticket that is requesting them, or by contacting us via phone or Live Chat if you are first reporting the issue.

Why are the full headers important?
The headers tell the tale of the message. They identify who sent the message, where it was sent from, what the spam rating of the message was, and spam filters that may have been triggered, and the reason the message was returned/filtered. This information is incredibly helpful in identifying any issues that may be encountered when sending or receiving mail.