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Optimize CPU Resource Usage


Excessive CPU resource usage is usually caused by:

  • Inefficient third-party add-ons (themes, plugins)
  • Outdated code
  • Misconfigurations (PHP/configuration settings)

The following suggestions are possible solutions for optimizing your CPU resource usage. While these suggestions are intended to help reduce the number of resources consumed by your website, they are not guaranteed to resolve resource usage issues.

We strongly recommend creating a full backup of your website before adding or activating a new plugin. CodeGuard generates daily automatic backups, alerts you if any sketchy changes are identified, and restores a previous version of your website using your backups!

Optimize your scripts

If you are utilizing a CMS or script, you may need to perform some simple optimization steps.

Pro tip: If your particular CMS or script is not listed above, you may want to try using a search engine query such as [CMS Name Here] Optimization or [CMS Name Here] caching to find more specific assistance.

Additional optimization tips

Some additional steps you can take to avoid CPU resource usage issues include: