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ZenCart Optimization Guide

There are several guides throughout the internet that offer assistance with optimizing ZenCart's overall functionality to increase the performance and speed of your e-commerce website. Below you will find some of the most common suggestions for optimizing your ZenCart installation.

Optimize Database Tables

You can optimize database tables through phpMyAdmin by selecting the individual table to optimize. For detailed instructions, please see the following article:

A database table can also be optimized by going to the SQL Query Entry tab and using the "optimize table <tablename>" command. For more information, please see the following article:

Remove Category Counters

ZenCart's counters tend to cause issues with load and slowness, especially if there is a large number of categories. To remove counters for categories:

  1. From the ZenCart Admin Home page, go to Config.
  2. Navigate to and click on Show Category Counts.
  3. Select False and click Update.

For further optimization, repeat these steps for Show Category Counts - Admin.

Use a Performance Enhancing Plugin

Consider purchasing or downloading a plugin for ZenCart to enhance performance. While HostGator does not recommend any specific plugins, more information can be found on ZenCart Forums.

Reduce Home Page Items

By reducing the number of products and items shown on the home page, you can reduce resource usage and improve the speed of your entire site. Consider reserving the home page for a few special deals or a highlighted deal from each category with links to their categories.

Scale Down Images

If a thumbnail in your server is a very large size, but on your website there is only a very small version, extra work in the background is going into loading unnecessary information. Sizing images appropriately for the area in which they are used will vastly improve site performance. For instructions on scaling down images, please use the following ZenCart guide:

Limit Remote Resources

Check your site to see what resources are from other websites and servers and determine what can be moved within your account. You can drastically increase site performance by using a local copy (within your hosting account) of what was previously remote content.

A full guide of optimization suggestions from ZenCart can be found at the following links:

Please note that all of these suggestions may not be applicable or beneficial to your installation.