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WHOIS info says "Adam" or "Does Not Have My Information"

Important Note: If you have an older domain that was registered with HostGator, you may find that it has "Adam" or "Does not have my information" listed when the domain was manually registered. Newer domains will not have this information listed.

Sometimes the domains are registered with "Adam's" information because we do the registration manually. This is similar to private registration, and you can change the contact information at any time.

You cannot request HostGator to put Adam's information in your domain's WHOIS.

Also, it is not recommended to keep "Adam" in your WHOIS information. You need to update the WHOIS with your own personal and/or business information so you can establish ownership of the domain name and get important updates and notifications (especially domain renewal instructions). Any emails intended for you but sent to us will not be forwarded.

HostGator allows you to change your WHOIS contact information within a single control panel - the Customer Portal. For instructions on how to update your WHOIS information, please read the following article:

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy keeps your personal and business contact information from the public eyes. If you wish to keep your contact information private, it is recommended to enable Domain Privacy for your domains. HostGator provides you the ability to enable Domain Privacy within your Customer Portal. Please check out the article How to Enable Domain Privacy to know more about Domain Privacy, its importance, and how to activate it for your domains.

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