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I Pay Using a PayPal Subscription. Why Am I Being Contacted to Pay?

PayPal subscriptions will pay on the same day of each month. This can unfortunately cause issues if there is a mismatch between your payment date and your billing date. For instance, if your HostGator invoice is due on the first of every month and your subscription is set to make the payment on the 11th, your invoice will be ten days late every month.

We have no way to edit the date in which we receive your PayPal subscription payment or the amount of the payment that you make. If you have a PayPal subscription that is paying your invoice late (and causing you to receive email notifications about invoice payments), you have two options to correct this situation:

Option 1: Unsubscribe From All Subscriptions and Make a Billing Agreement

First, unsubscribe from all of your existing PayPal Subscriptions using the steps in the following article:

Second, create a Billing Agreement to auto-pay any new invoices generated:

You will not experience this issue ever again after making this change, as you can then simply use PayPal as a payment method for all new invoices without a manual subscription.

Option 2: Make a One-Time Payment

Log into your Customer Portal and pay the invoice that is due using a one-time payment instead of subscribing again. This will make your payments always one month ahead.