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I Cannot Signup Online, or I Cannot Create a New Account.

We apologize for any difficulties you may be experiencing and want to assist you in signing up for an account.

Please contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat so we can assist you in signing up online. We can usually get you past any difficulties you may be having.

Common Issues During Signup

Some common reasons why you may not be able to sign up online include:

Username and PIN Should Be in Correct Format

On the order form, the username or PIN need to be in a certain format. Follow the directions on the order form to make sure that it is in the proper format.

For example, the PIN number we are requesting on the order form is not the same thing as your password. It is a 4 to 8 digit number used to help verify your identity when you contact support The PIN number is similar to the PIN number on a debit card used to verify that you are authorized to interact with the account.

Credit Card Number Should Not Contain Spaces

Please enter your credit card without spaces. The form will reject the card number if it contains spaces.

Complete Contact Information is Required

Please be sure to fill out the order form as completely as possible. For example, we will need you to provide your name, at least one phone number, a working email address, and a valid mailing address.

Name on Card Field Should Be a Person's Name

When selecting to pay by credit card. the "Name on Card" field is asking for the person's name that appears on the card.

Although it is directly below the credit card logos, we are not asking for the card brand. We can actually detect that from the card number. If you enter "Visa" or "MasterCard" or something similar, the form will reject it.

You Want to Pay by Bank Wire

You can still sign up online even though the bank wire payment options are not mentioned on the sign up form.

Simply sign up as usual, and select PayPal as the payment option; however, do not complete the payment. This will create the account on our system without a payment being made. Then follow the directions on how to pay by bank wire in the following article:

Note: Although this creates an account without a payment being made, the account will not be activated until payment is received.