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How to set up Anonymous FTP access - Plesk


Anonymous FTP is available on Windows Dedicated Servers only, and is not currently available on Windows Shared Hosting plans such as Personal or Enterprise.

Anonymous FTP access allows anyone to access a specified directory within your site, allowing unidentified visitors to download (and possibly upload) files on your website. Anonymous FTP creates the potential for a security hole for hackers and is not recommended.
Please Note: Anonymous FTP can only be set up if there is a Dedicated IP setup on the account.

If you have a Windows Dedicated Server and a Dedicated IP, you can do the following to setup Anonymous FTP:

  1. Click on "Websites & Domains."

  2. Now click on "FTP Access."

  3. Click on the "Anonymous FTP" Tab:

  4. Click the button to “Switch On� Anonymous FTP and configure the options as desired:

For additional information regarding the Anonymous FTP options please see the documentation provided courtesy of Plesk: