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How To Create a Feedback Email Address in Plesk


We want our visitors to send us feedback and get a response saying that we have received it. To do this, first, set up a new email account as before and name it Feedback, but don't click OK quite yet. Use the following steps to create a feedback email address in Plesk.

  1. Log in to Plesk
  2. Navigate to the Mail Accounts icon. 

    Plesk Emai Accounts Icon

  3. Locate and click on the feedback email account.

    Select email address

  4. Click on the Auto-Reply tab.

    Auto-Reply Setup Page


  5. Click the checkbox next to Switch on auto-reply to enable the feature.
  6. You can configure the subject line; however, if you leave the default subject, the mail server will insert the original subject to personalize the response.
  7. For Message Format, select Plain text. Plesk will ignore any HTML tags you put in the auto-reply text box, so there is no reason to select HTML.
  8. You can enter the auto-reply message you would like to be sent each time the email address receives mail in the text box.
  9. All HTML tags will be discarded, so there is no need to be fancy. A simple message that the email was received and will be read should suffice.
  10. In the Forward to the field, you can specify an email address sent a copy of any emails received if you would like.
    If you need true forwarding, leave this field blank and configure the Forwarding tab instead.
  11. In the Attach a file field, you can attach a file to the email you send, such as a picture or an HTML page.
  12. Click OK to create the new address.

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