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How Can I Check the Status of My Domain Name Purchase or Transfer?

HostGator now allows customers to easily register, transfer and manage their domains through a single user interface at portal.hostgator.com. By using our direct online interface, domains are now registered through LaunchPad.

New Domain Registrations

New domain registrations are processed after they've been purchased. Once a domain has been paid for, the new domain should appear in a public WHOIS lookup tool within 24 hours.

If you have purchased a domain name and do NOT see it in the public WHOIS results within 24 hours, please contact our Billing Department via phone or Live Chat with the domain name and proof of payment.

Domain Transfers

Domain transfers will be initiated only after payment has been made. Once the transfer has initialized, be sure to watch for an incoming confirmation letter to the email address listed on the domain WHOIS. The domain transfer should be decided within 7 days from the date listed in the confirmation letter. If the transfer was successful, then the domain's new information should appear when using a public WHOIS lookup tool.

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