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Free Downloadable Templates for My Website

The 4,500 templates can be downloaded at templates.hostgator.com. These templates are free to use for any site which is on a HostGator server, including our Reseller hosting clients.

Important Note: These templates are intended for web designers. You must have experience using an HTML or Flash editor to customize the templates. If you are a novice and do not wish to learn HTML, we suggest you use an alternative such as Weebly Web Builder, WordPress, or other available options you may find online.

Template Restrictions

Customers are allowed no more than 10 downloads during any 24 hour period. These downloadable templates are not compatible with our site builders. The site builder programs we offer have their own templates which are not interchangeable.

Download, Customize, Upload

Once you download the template to your computer, you can customize it and upload it with FTP. The "Powered by HostGator" found at the bottom of some templates can be removed, and you can make any changes you want to the source code; however, HostGator cannot advise on making any changes to the coding as it falls outside of our general scope of support.

If you are having trouble uploading a template to your website, try the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Be sure to use your control panel login or a working FTP login.
    • VPS/Dedicated: Your root login will not work for this download; you must create a control panel login or an FTP login to use. Root WHM users, be sure to first create a new account in WHM, then use your cPanel user name and password. Plesk Admin users, be sure to first add a new customer in your Parallels Plesk Panel, then use your customer name and password.
  2. Try replacing your domain name with the server's IP address, the server's hostname or one of the server's name servers.