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Email Setup for Outlook 2016/2019

This will guide you on how to configure your Email Account with %%Brand%% on  Microsoft Outlook 2019. The process is similar to Outlook 2016 with a few changes in UI.

Please note that you need to add your email address to your hosting account when using an email client (Gmail, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.). Here are some helpful articles about adding your email address:

Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019 Startup Wizard

Should you opt to use the Startup Wizard, when it appears:

  1. Click Next.
  2. On the Email Accounts page of the Wizard, click Next to set up an email account.
  3. Proceed to step 2 below.


  1. Launch Outlook 2016/2019.
  2. Click on the File and select Add Account.
    • Enter your Email address.
    • Click on Advanced Options and check the box Let me set up my account manually.
    • Click Connect.
  3. Choose your preferred Protocol (POP or IMAP).
  4. Enter the information for your Email Configuration settings on the next page and click Next.

    Depending on your hosting type, click the links below to know about your email settings.

  5. Enter your password and hit on Connect.
  6. The email account configuration has been completed. Click Done.
  7. You can now send and receive emails from your Email Client.
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