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Do You Have a Seal I Can Place On My Site?

Static Seals- Sectigo

Once you have installed the SSL certificate, you can get your SSL Trust Seal. The pixel and size of the seal would depend on your preference.Sectigo Site Seal

For implementation instructions and to view other versions of Positive SSL site seals, visit the website, Sectigo Trust Seal.

HostGator offers different types of SSL Certificates as listed below. For the prices, please visit the article Addon Price Chart.

Interactive Seals - Comodo

There are two versions of the TrustLogo

The Corner of Trust is a floating image that will remain fixed in the lower right corner of your website when a visitor scrolls through the page.

The Standard TrustLogo (with a white background) is primarily intended as an inline design that you can place anywhere on your site. However, you can also deploy the Standard TrustLogo in "floating" (fixed position) mode instead of The Corner of Trust. If you choose to install the Standard TrustLogo in this way, you should select the transparent background version.

  1. Download your choice of TrustLogo image.
  1. Copy the image to the relevant images folder on your web server. For example, www.example.com/images/cot.gif
    Please do not hotlink to the images above. You must upload the .gif to your own web server.
  2. Install the Trust Logo on your website. The online wizard will automatically generate the HTML needed to correctly implement the TrustLogo into each webpage where you plan to display your secure and authentic status. If you would prefer, you can also download the codes from Sectigo's website.
Choose a Wizard:
Click Here to install
EV Corner of Trust
Click Here to install
Trust Logo