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  • Your Business To The Power Of Google

    Monday, September 29, 2014 by
    Google Apps Work HostGator

    What do you do when one of the world’s most innovative companies of all time reaches out to you and your business and says, “We want to help?” Here’s a hint: take their hand and say "thank you" without any hesitation. Some things just make sense... and sometimes saying “no” makes no sense at all.

    Cue, the mighty Google. What can be said about the company whose name has not only become synonymous with Internet searches but has actually become a verb; an honor reserved for only the most creative and unique individuals and entities in existence. Google has long been a standout for more than what they bring to the table; who they invite to the table with them is of equal importance. And, this time, they are inviting you.

    Google Apps is a suite of tools, most of which you're likely already familiar with (Gmail, anyone?) that are designed to streamline your business. HostGator now uses Google Apps internally for our email, document sharing, video conferencing, calendars, and so forth. Google Apps has literally changed the way we function, day to day.

    Here is a brief snapshot of the things Google wants to do for you, aside from provide you with an excellent suite of fully useable tools:

    • Help ensure your business is HIPPA, PCI, SOX compliant
    • Provide you with their SLA for your internal AND external mail
    • Reduce your required IT costs
    • Improve your communications with conference functions
    • Establish a secure backbone for your internal and external interfacing
    • Maximize your project management efficiency with synced calendars
    • Bolster your branding and SEO efforts
    • Facilitate editing in multiple document formats without purchase of a license

    This is a very big deal. In short, these benefits are amazing. Whether for your independent consultancy, your medium sized growing business or if your company has recently gone public, Google Apps for your business is possibly the best and arguably the most important move you can make. The biggest benefit of all? Making your life more simple. Now HostGator can help as well. Not only are we customers of Google ourselves, but we've now partnered with Google to offer Google Apps for business directly to you.

    To learn more about our Google Apps offerings, including full details and how to order, please see our related KnowledgeBase article:  

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  • Goooooaaaaaaalllllllll!!!!!

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014 by
    It's a very exciting time in the world of sports! A time of collective exaltation, when one word can be heard above all others in joyous celebration: Goooooaaaaaaalllllllll!!!!!
    In the United States, we call it soccer, but throughout the globe fútbol is a sport held deep in the collective heart of many people. As you surely know, there is a very important fútbol tournament happening right now. We've decided to acknowledge and celebrate this competition by offering a special promotion: 45% off all new hosting packages and domains for as low as $8 per year! Although we will certainly be hearing exclamations of Goooooaaaaaaalllllllll!!!!! for a few more weeks still, this special promotion is today and tomorrow only: June 24th-25th! The sale will conclude at 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, June 25th. Throw on your favorite team's jersey and enjoy the spirit of camaraderie that this tournament brings; may the best team win! For just a little bit of extra fun, we made the following video that we very much hope you enjoy:
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  • Dedicated Server Sale!

    Thursday, June 12, 2014 by
    dedi_sale Starting today, we are offering 50% off on Standard Dedicated Servers!  Dedicated Servers, or "Dedis" as we affectionately refer to them, are the top tier of our hosting services.  Total control of an entire server is the gold standard for serious web hosting customers, whether it be as part of a successful reselling operation or for hosting an app, gaming server, or other high-demand initiative. This sale will run from now through July 31st, but there's no time like the present to take that step up in your hosting game. For the technically-minded, our Standard Dedi features a quad-core 2.5GHz Intel Xenon processor, 4GB of RAM, 1TB RAID-1 HDD, 15TB of bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and a 250mbps uplink. For the non-technically-minded, these Dedis have plenty of power to launch you into the next level of hosting for your customers, business, or project. Get started today by visiting our Dedicated Server page.
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  • Memorial Day Sale!

    Friday, May 23, 2014 by
    In observance of Memorial Day, HostGator is offering 50% off all new hosting packages, with domains as low as $8.50 per year! The sale starts on 12am CST on Friday, May 23rd and continues through the entire weekend, ending on Monday, May 26th at 11:59pm CST.
    Now is the time to grab that new domain or hosting package at a deep discount. Perhaps try your hand at a Reseller package, enjoy the added flexibility of a VPS or even step all the way up to a new Dedicated server! This is also a great time to scoop up those additional domains, either for a new website you want to launch or maybe just to protect your brand by registering a .net or .org to go along with your existing .com domains. Memorial Day is a time to take a moment and thank our veterans who have lost their lives in service to their country. HostGator employs many veterans and hold our military in the utmost respect. We genuinely want to thank our service men and woman for the sacrifices that they make each and every day. MEMORIAL14 is the coupon code to take advantage of this great offer. Feel free to tell your friends, or share this coupon code out via your personal network. No matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday, all your friends here at HostGator wish you a very safe and happy Memorial Day!
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  • Moz Analytics Free For 60 Days

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 by
    What gets measured gets managed, right?  Right.  How well then are you managing the traffic to your website?  Moz has previously made its name providing SEO services, but now this trusted name has thrown its hat into the analytics ring.  HostGator has partnered with Moz to provide a free 60 day trial of Moz Analytics.
    Moz tracks all of your inbound marketing efforts, shows the direct impact of your social presence on your SEO, and truly illustrates the direct correlation between your content, social activity, brand mentions, and more all one the single platform. Visualizations of your data over time make it exceptionally easy to determine trends and react accordingly.  Moz allows you to not only see your growth, but also identify the strongest contributing factors to that growth. Not only does Moz show you your data, but you can also compare it to your direct competitors.  This feature allows you to take strategic action, whether it be to wage a head-to-head battle plan, or to fill in the gaps that your competition may be neglecting. The great thing about Moz is that it does one simple thing: it presents the facts.  It does this is an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use interface allow you to then make the best decision about how to move forward with your business, brand, or product. Click here to get an in-depth tour of Moz Analytics, or to start your 60-day free trial.
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