Management Team

HostGator has built a team of industry and technology veterans who work together to ensure that HostGator remains a leading web hosting company and continues to grow.

Adam Farrar
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Farrar joined the HostGator team in March of 2009. He quickly moved up the ranks and familiarized himself with the operations, marketing, financials and overall strategy of the company. As CEO Adam will continue to utilize his experience and vision to guide HostGator as the industry leader in web hosting.

Prior to coming to HostGator Adam was in sales and marketing while studying at the University of Houston. Adam is married and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. He is passionate about life and work and is an avid fisherman and a technology junkie.

David Collins
Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer at HostGator, David Collins is responsible for managing the technical side of HostGator, including server security and optimization, application programming, technical problem resolution, and management of the company's technical staff.

Before joining HostGator, David was a student, built custom servers, and was a Server Administrator at Exovian Internet Services. Even though David attended college, he is mostly self-taught. When not working, David enjoys computers, technology, ethical hacking, learning new technology, off-roading, and building miniature skyscrapers with dairy creamers at late-night diners. He is well known at HostGator for not sleeping until he completes the tasks necessary to keep the company's technology running smoothly.

Patrick Pelanne
Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Pelanne started as a chat technician at HostGator in March 2007 and less than two years later, started serving as the company's Deputy CTO. After serving as DCTO for four years Patrick shifted into his current role as Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Patrick is responsible for ensuring the day to day runs smoothly and that the highest level of service is delivered to each and every client. Patrick also maintains a number of technical projects and contributes to several of HostGators international initiatives.

Before starting at HostGator, Patrick was IT Director at The Achilles Group, a national human resources firm headquartered in Houston. He also worked as an independent IT consultant, where he helped small and mid-sized businesses grow and scale their IT infrastructure.

Taylor Hawes
Chief Marketing Officer

As HostGator's Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor is responsible for managing HostGator's affiliate program and numerous advertising campaigns.Taylor brings 7 years of hosting industry experience to HostGator.

Before joining HostGator, Taylor operated a marketing consulting firm and also worked for other hosting companies. In his spare time he enjoys sports, spending time with his wife and 2 labs and is a volunteer Firefighter and EMT.

Amy Alexander M.A., LPC
Human Resources Director

Amy Alexander serves as the Director of Human Resources for HostGator. Amy started with HostGator in the Austin, TX office in 2010. Ms. Alexander's responsibilities include managing all aspects of the human resources department.

Prior to joining HostGator, Amy served as the Human Resources Director for a large non-profit in the Austin area and was the Program Director for an Out-patient treatment facility. She has over 10 years human resources experience with an emphasis on employee relations.

Josh Banks
Chief Information Officer

Originally from Indiana, Josh Banks is in charge of support and system administration at HostGator. He works closely with the CTO and Director of Human Resources to ensure that HostGator has the technology and team necessary to continue to grow and excel in the web hosting industry.

Before coming to work at HostGator, Josh was a Level III Administrator with Touch Support and a Network Administrator for Procomm Solutions, an Illinois-based cable company. In his free time, Josh likes to play video games, listen to music, and work on electronics.

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