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What to do When SiteLock Finds a Vulnerability


What is a vulnerability?

A website vulnerability is a weakness in coding that cybercriminals can exploit to gain some level of control of your site.

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If your SiteLock scanner finds a vulnerability on your website:

  • You will receive an email letting you know a vulnerability was detected.
  • There will be a notification in the 'Messages and Alerts' section at the bottom of your SiteLock dashboard.
  • Your SiteLock dashboard will display a failed status for the specific scan that found the issue.

Follow the instructions in the notification and contact SiteLock's support team to get more information about the vulnerability and resolve the issue. It is important to contact SiteLock directly because HostGator does not have access to your SiteLock dashboard, scans, or security reports.

What will happen to my website and SiteLock Trust Seal?

Your website will remain live, and your visitors will not be alerted to any problem. Your SiteLock Trust Seal will remain live and continue to display the date of the last clean scan of your site. If the issue is not resolved within a few days, your Trust Seal will be removed and replaced with a single-pixel transparent image.

If you do not have a SiteLock account and are interested in securing your website against malware and vulnerabilities, use this link to order services: How to Order SiteLock

If you have questions regarding your SiteLock dashboard or your website security, check out our Introduction to SiteLock.