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What is the IPS TAG?


An IPS tag, otherwise known as an Internet Provider Security tag, is a label that identifies domain registrars when administering domain name registration and DNS services.

The IPS tag system is a standard required by Nominet, the .uk domain name registry service, and is used to identify the hosting company associated with a specific .uk domain name.

This system was initially developed by Nominet's predecessor, known as the "Naming Committee," and the original definition of the acronym is currently unknown. IPS is now widely considered to stand for Internet Provider Security tag, and while the term IPS tag itself is now deemed obsolete by Nominet UK, the term has since been replaced with registrar tag.

Why is an IPS Tag Important?

While this tag is not always a relevant piece of information, it is most commonly required when transferring the ownership of a .uk domain registration between registrars. Transferring a domain name requires the original registrar to modify the IPS tag to reflect the tag of the new registrar.

You will need to contact our Billing Department via phone or chat to complete your .co.uk domain name transfer.

If you change the IPS tag without contacting Billing the domain will be moved into eNom with no account to control it, and you can easily lose your domain name.

What is HostGator's IPS Tag?

To transfer a domain to HostGator you will need to update the tag on the domain to PDR-IN which is our IPS tag for .uk domains:

[tag = PDR-IN]

Some providers utilize a “handshake” system in which an incoming transfer may require approval which can prevent the IPS tag from updating automatically. Please check with your provider as they can approve the transfer once the tag has been changed.

Please review our full article regarding how to transfer a domain for more complete information about what to do before transferring your domain, how to transfer your domain, and checking your transfer status:


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