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Outlook Malfunctioning

If a message is stuck in the Outbox, please go to File and choose Work Offline. Close outlook and reopen it. Now you can delete the email. This happens usually to emails with attachments; it may be time to install a new Outlook.

If Outlook is not downloading all of your messages, and the quota is good, then you may have other mail programs (like Blackberry) downloading the emails and thus removing the copies.

If Outlook is downloading multiple copies of your messages, then most likely your Outlook program is broken. I suggest downloading a new copy to install, or there may be a patch provided by Microsoft.

If Outlook is trying to download a message, but gets stuck, then the message is likely too large or has a large attachment. I suggest you delete the problematic message from webmail and try again.

If you are using Outlook Express and trying to download email, and it's downloading, but erroring out while download with no error, your dbx file might be bad. Outlook Expresses dbx file corrupts after hitting 2GB. You will need to rename the inbox.dbx to oldinbox.dbx, and restart Outlook Express. This affects Outlook Express Only.

Help pages: Mail setup for Outlook Express and Thunderbird, and troubleshooting guide

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